Is Kim Jong Un's Weight Loss Due to Surgery or Food Shortage? North Koreans Cry for Emaciated Dictator

Concerns are being raised about the health of North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un after he looked much thinner during the latest public appearance. According to the state-controlled media the North Koreans are left heartbroken looking at their much slimmer dictator.

Kim Jong Un, who has a family history of heart disease, made a public appearance on June 4 after remaining away from public eye for almost a month.

Kim Jong Un
North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Twitter

North Koreans Crying Over Thinner Kim Jong Un

According to NK News the North Koreans are "heartbroken" by Kim Jong Un's sudden recent weight loss. Speaking to Korean Central Television (KCTV), a Pyongyang citizen said, "Seeing our respected comrade General Secretary [Kim Jong Un] become emaciated like that, all the people became so heartbroken."

"Everyone is talking about it. We all just started to cry," the middle-aged man said during a program aired by KCTV based on reactions from North Korean citizens.

It isn't the first time that concerns have been raised about the hermit kingdom's leader. Last year, Kim Jong Un remained hidden from public eye for nearly a month amid rumors of having undergone surgery and even being dead.

The 38-year-old, who is also a chain smoker, previously weighed 140 kilograms. The dictator's father and grandfather, who also ruled North Korea, had died due to heart related ailments.

What is the Reason Behind Sudden Weight Loss?

Soon after images of a visibly thinner Kim Jong Un appeared on the social media, netizens started speculating the reason behind the same.

While some believed that the North Korean dictator has undergone some surgery to reduce the weight, few others thought it was due to food shortage faced by the hermit kingdom.

"Apparently North Koreans are concerned over the 'dramatic weight loss' of dear beloved leader Kim Jong Un? Perhaps they stapled his stomach and he is losing weight?" tweeted a user as another questioned, "Who all thinks Kim Jong Un had weight loss surgery?

"Everyone in North Korea is heartbroken over leader Kim Jong Un's apparent weight loss! With the living conditions as they are, I doubt that the general public is heartbroken. I'm sure if they said otherwise they would be imprisoned!" opined another.

"Kim Jong Un of North Korea says that there facing a severe food shortage .And I thought his weight loss was from dieting. Go figure," read a tweet.