The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un can rule the country for around 50 years and might be even more ruthless, an expert has warned. Last week, Chang Song Min, who is an ex-aide of the late-South Korean president Kim Dae Jung mentioned that Kim is in a coma. He also stated that the Supreme Leader is preparing to transfer the reins to younger sister Kim Yo Jong.

Professor Sung-Yoon Lee, who is from Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in the US, did not agree with all the rumors regarding Kim's death as pictures of the leader emerged. The expert believes that certain measures are being taken that will allow Kim's sister to fill in his shoes if it is required.

Kim's Sister Can Rule for Next 50 Years

North Korea tests ballistic missile;
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the construction site of Ryomyong Street, in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency. Reuters

"She is, I would say, an unprecedented strategic weapon for the North Korean regime...because she's young and in the eye of many pretty. Because she's only 32 and apparently not obese or afflicted with heart disease, diabetes –as her brother and their father and grandfather were – one can assume that she might be in power for the next 20 years or even 50 years, who knows," the professor told Daily Star.

"And the fact that she's a woman in a very male-dominated, chauvinistic political culture gives her enormous power in handling the nation's relations with the US and South Korea. She casts a softer feminine glow on the brutish very unattractive facade that is North Korea itself," the professor added.

The expert also believes that Kim's sister will be equally motivated to develop the nuclear facilities of the country and she must be aware of all this. In March, Kim Yo Jong called the government of South Korea 'a frightened barking dog'. The expert added that Kim's sister looks fiercer than the Supreme Leader this year. The professor mentioned that there is no reason to believe that she is going to be nicer than her predecessors.