Kim Jong Un Health: Sister Controls Worker's Party, Could Take Over Army - Report

As per the South Korean Defence Minister, Kim's sister Kim Yo-Jong seems to be in control of the Worker's Party of Korea.

Media has been awash with reports of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's health. Multiple reports say that Kim has not been keeping in good health after his heart operation. Following such speculations, the South Korean Defence Minister has claimed that Kim's sister, Kim Yo-Jong, seems to be in control of North Korea's ruling Worker's Party.
Kim Yo-Jong

The Worker's Party of Korea, commonly known as WPK, is the founding and ruling political party of North Korea. The party was founded in 1949 with the merger of the Worker's Party of North Korea and the Worker's Party of South Korea. The WPK controls the Korea People's Army. Based on the above reports, Kim's sister will indirectly take control of the hermit country's army if something happens to Kim.

As per the report by Yonhap News Agency, when it was asked to South Korean Defence Minister, Jeong Kyeong-doo if Kim has a substantial grip on Pyongyang's ruling party, he responded in the affirmative. The minister, however, added that Kim maintains the sole control of the party, the regime, and the military. As per the minister, he has delegated some of the key responsibilities to his aides.

It should be noted here that Kim Yo-Jong oversees North Korea's strategy on South Korea and the United States of America. She had taken an increasingly public role in several diplomatic matters of the nation. She was also in news for responding to a letter from US President Donald Trump. Her enthusiasm clearly depicts that she has a more power-sharing arrangement with her brother.

Meanwhile, several outrageous theories have started to surface concerning Kim's health. A famous journalist, Roy Calley, who has traveled to North Korea on multiple occasions, has claimed that the hermit country's leader is dead. He asserted that the secrecy in North Korea is so severe that the public generally is totally in the dark about these matters.

Following Calley's comments, a former aide of South Korea's late president Kim Dae-Jung stated that Kim Jong-un might be in a coma, but his life has not ended.

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The last official report from North Korea does not talk about Kim's health nor does it say anything about Kim Yo-Jong controlling the Worker's Party of Korea. Rather, it states how Kim told the key party members that the country is currently facing unexpected and inevitable challenges on several fronts.