KFC Hits Back at Conservatives by Recreating Meme Featuring Boris Johnson in Giant Chicken Suit

The Conservatives had attempted to ridicule the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, in a similar way three years ago.

KFC's social media team took a dig at Boris Johnson's departure as the Prime Minister of UK, by recreating a three-year-old meme they were tagged in by the Conservative Party.

The meme was an attempt to ridicule Jeremy Corbyn, the then Leader of the opposition, for not backing Johnson's call for general election in September 2019. Corbyn's face was photoshopped into a man wearing a giant chicken suit.

In the image, tweeted by the official Twitter account of the Conservative Party, KFC was rebranded as "JFC" and was accompanied with a caption "totally spineless chicken."

Leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn

"Hey @KFC_UKI we've found an even bigger chicken than you," the tweet read.

The fast-food giant did not take kindly to the meme and responded rather 'ruthlessly.'

"This is KFC, not LBC don't @ me," KFC tweeted.

Finally, three years later the internationally well-known QSR was hailed by Twitterati for their prompt and savage take at Johnson stepping down as Britain's leader, the Daily Star reported.

Removing the mocking tagline, KFC used the same image except now it was Johnson's face photoshopped into a giant chicken suit.

"Hey @Conservatives, fixed it for you. " KFC wrote.

From the time it was tweeted, the image has gained 'thousands of interactions.'

"The Twitter admin needs a raise. A lot of Brits will now buy KFC just for this tweet, I know I am," a user wrote

"Revenge is a dish best served deep fried with secret herbs and spices," another tweeted

"You held onto this for 3 years, Massive respect," a third commented

"This has got to be a contender for best tweet of all time", another chimed in

Boris Johnson resigns
Boris Johnson announcing his resignation as the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street Twitter

While some users found the meme hilarious, others were not really happy with this jibe.

"Sort your chips out before trying to get at the PM lads," one user tweeted

"As a chicken shop that ran out of chicken, I can't help but feel you shouldn't throw stones," another said.

"That's me not eating KFC anymore," a third simply added

Johnson announced his resignation on Thursday as the leader of the Conservative Party as his close allies turned against him, in the aftermath of a series of scandals that rocked his government. The 58-year-old is expected to remain in power until the process for electing a new leader is completed.

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