I'm F***ing Hungry!: Maskless Customer Threatens to Stab KFC Employee For Refusing Service

The unidentified woman also launches a rant at a male employee during which she dares him to call the cops.

An infuriated woman hopped up onto the counter and threatened to stab a KFC employee in California during a screaming rant after she was refused service for not wearing a mask. A video of the irate customer hurling abuses at the restaurant employee has gone viral since then. She also launched an unintelligible rant at a male employee during which she dares him to call the cops.

Other employees tried to tell the customer that it was the store policy to not serve customers without masks but it fell into deaf years. This isn't the only incident of customers abusing store and café workers for refusing service for not wearing masks.

Creating Ruckus

Angry customer
A still from the video clip @leahmaechastain

The female customer had ordered mashed potato and chicken gravy but she wasn't served, following which she flew into a profanity-laced fit of rage. The video which was posted on TikTok shows the maskless woman becoming aggressive first with a female employee in a KFC restaurant, which is believed to be in the Fresno area, and then with a male worker.

The clip shared on TikTok then shows the woman jumping onto the counter where she yells "I'm f–king hungry!" "Give me something to eat! Now!" She then launches a rant at a male employee during which she dares him to call the cops. However, she doesn't stop there. The unidentified woman then approaches a female worker and threatens to stab her unless she gets 'something to eat' immediately. Largely ignored by the staff the woman gets off the counter and moves towards the door. She also refuses a spare mask offered by another customer.

Insensitive Behavior

KFC customer
The woman ordering her food @leahmaechastain

Other customers present inside the restaurant stared in surprise at the customer, while some shot the video of the incident. In another video the woman clarifies her order of mashed potatoes and chicken despite staff telling her that she will not be served. One of the employees even tells the agitated woman: 'I can't. I'll get fired.'

However, instead of complying with the rules, she continues with her rant and yells: 'You don't even work here!' She can also be seen kicking off a promotional sign as she walks up to the counter and climbs onto it and abuses two other employees.

The woman climbing on the platform @leahmaechastain

It wasn't immediately clear if the angry customer was charged with a crime as she left shortly after that. She is offered a spare mask by another customer but the woman then yells back saying that she "doesn't give a s***" anymore and states that the KFC's kitchen is disgusting.

This is one of several fast-food meltdowns in recent months with most seeming to be due to customers refusing to wear masks. Similar incidents have also been reported at McDonald's and Burger King among other places, while there have also been more serious fights over not wearing masks.