Kevhani Camilla Hicks: Shocking Video Captures Moment Rapper Key Vhani Guns Down Her Manager in Middle of Miami Street Before Being Run Over by Car [WATCH]

She told the police that the shooting was an act of self-defense, asserting that she had feared for her life during the altercation.

A Florida rapper is facing murder charges for allegedly shooting her manager in the middle of the street, an incident caught on camera, police said. Kevhani Camilla Hicks, 27, who goes by Key Vhani onstage was charged with second-degree murder in connection to the shooting that occurred on October 9 in front of the Wynwood Walls of Miami.

The rapper's attorney has claimed that the incident was an act of self-defense as Hicks shot her manager after a long dispute. Video footage obtained by NBC6 shows a woman, identified by police as Hicks, shooting the victim before being struck by a white sedan as she tries to flee the scene.

Murder Caught on Camera

Kevhani Camilla Hicks
Kevhani Camilla Hicks seen gunning down her manager who alter died X

In video footage acquired by NBC Miami, Hicks is seen exiting a white car alongside her manager. The footage captures an apparent argument between the two, escalating to physical altercations where they begin hitting each other.

Another man then emerges from a rear door and gets involved in the altercation with Hicks. Eventually, the two men overpower her, throwing her to the ground and pinning her.

Once they relent and release her, Hicks walks away from the pair but abruptly turns, retrieves a handgun from her bag, and proceeds to open fire.

During the altercation, Hicks' manager sought cover behind a car, attempting to escape the gunfire. However, Hicks chased him into the street, persistently firing shots until he was left injured and sprawled on the ground.

Kevhani Camilla Hicks
Kevhani Camilla Hicks X

At that moment, the second man who had been involved in the altercation with Hicks entered their car and abruptly drove into her, seemingly running her over.

Kevhani Camilla Hicks
Kevhani Camilla Hicks' manager is seen taking cover behind a car as he is hit by multiple gunshots X

He then sped away in the car, and Hicks, after standing up, ran down the sidewalk out of sight.

Upon arriving at the scene, responding law enforcement found the manager with multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to a hospital immediately but succumbed to his injuries.

Hicks, who sustained blunt-force injuries, was hospitalized. She told the police that the shooting was an act of self-defense, asserting that she had feared for her life during the altercation.

In The Heat of the Moment

Police later found the footage that led them to arrest Hicks. "We know that based on her statement, that the victim in this case is her manager and she says that she's a singer. But we don't know what led to this argument," Miami Police spokesman Michael Vega said.

Kevhani Camilla Hicks
Kevhani Camilla Hicks is seen being run over by a car after she shot dead her manager X

The police report said, "The defendant stated she was in fear due to the victim's size and upon hearing the victim yell 'I'll kill you with one hit.'"

According to Hicks, the victim seemed to be positioning himself to lunge at her when she started firing. However, even after viewing the video footage, she maintained that she felt her life was in danger.

Hicks has pleaded not guilty, and her public defender claims that it is a "clear case of self-defense." The legal defense maintains that Hicks acted to protect herself during the incident.

Kevhani Camilla Hicks
Kevhani Camilla Hicks goes by the name Key Vhani on stage X

At an October hearing, Hicks was initially denied bond by Miami-Dade Judge Mindy Glazer. Miami-Dade Judge Mindy Glazer said, '" believe she does have a very good self-defense claim but that claim is a defense of the charge, it doesn't negate the finding that there is probable cause for second-degree murder, the victim was walking away and she shot him after he was beating on her."

In a subsequent November hearing, Hicks was granted a $50,000 bond and placed under house arrest, with expectations of her imminent release.

Court records indicate a scheduled hearing for February 15.