Who Is Kendra Matic? Drag Queen Who Worked at Bar Owned by Lauren Boebert's 'Beetlejuice' Date Claims The Two Have Been Dating for Months

Lauren Boebert, 36, was caught on camera allegedly groping Gallagher's crotch while he touched her breasts on September 10.

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A drag queen who was employed at the bar owned by Lauren Boebert's infamous Beetlejuice date has claimed that the two have been in a relationship for several months, contradicting Boebert's claims that she ended the relationship due to his affiliation with the Democrats.

Kendra Matic, who performed at Quinn Gallagher's Aspen bar in January, shared with TMZ that "everyone in town" knows about the relationship between the Republican figure and Gallagher "for months." Matic said that Boebert and Gallagher have been "dating for a while" — and blasted the firebrand leader's past "hate speech" about the community: "At least I do it in my bed and not in a theater."

Bombshell Revelations

Kendra Matic
Kendra Matic Facebook

"I know that they've been dating for a while, for months," she claimed. While shaking her head, Matic added: "First date and somebody's touching your boobies like that?"

Lauren Boebert, 36, was caught on camera allegedly groping Gallagher's crotch while he touched her breasts on September 10, during a supposedly family-friendly performance at Denver's Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre.

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert and her date were seen grabbing each others genitals before they were booted from the "Beetlejuice" musical on Sunday night. Twitter

The GOP congresswoman was also accused by theater employees of engaging in disruptive behavior, including vaping, singing, recording with her phone, and disturbing fellow attendees. These actions ultimately resulted in both her and Gallagher being asked to leave the performance.

Matic expressed her surprise at Boebert's stance on LGBTQ issues, especially after the widely publicized "Beetlejuice" scandal brought attention to Gallagher's relationship and Boebert's opinion.

"After that, I was more into this lady, Lauren Boebert, and I saw so much stuff that she said before that is horrible," she told TMZ.

In May, the congresswoman, for instance, called for a boycott of products by the North Face brand. This demand came after the brand's "Summer of Pride" ad, which featured drag queen Pattie Gonia, prompting Boebert to advocate for a boycott against any product ever made by North Face.

Laurent Boebert
Laurent Boebert seen giving the finger to the usher after being thrown out of the theatre X

"How many times do we have to explain to the woke marketing departments at these disgusting companies that America is not a nation of degenerates?" she tweeted at the time, urging her followers to "make it as shameful to wear North Face as it is to drink Bud Light!"

Still Facing the Heat

Matic clarified her stance, mentioning that she does not endorse the relationship between the politician and Gallagher because she strongly disapproves of the politician's views and behavior, which she characterizes as "hate speech."

Kendra Matic
Kendra Matic X

Nevertheless, the drag performer is standing behind Gallagher, whom she describes as an "amazing guy."

"He opened the doors for me. At that moment, I was the only drag queen working that night ... I was the main performer," she said. "That was amazing. It was an amazing night. He's an amazing guy. He treated me very, very, kind, very good."

Boebert has been under fire over the past week. The footage captures Boebert engaging in a heated argument with security, while Gallagher appears calm a few feet behind her, holding her bag and a drink in a plastic container. He greets people with waves as they exit.

Laurent Boebert
Quinn Gallagher and Laurent Boebert X

Later, Boebert is seen holding hands with her new partner, dancing and twirling for him in the street as they navigate through the city – a three-hour drive from Gallagher's home near Aspen and even further from Boebert's home in Silt, Colorado.

Earlier this week, the Denver District Attorney decided not to pursue charges against Boebert in relation to her alleged "inappropriate" behavior during the "Beetlejuice" performance.

"While Congresswoman Boebert's conduct in the theater was clearly inappropriate and disrespectful, we concluded that it does not warrant a criminal prosecution," Matthew Jablow, a spokesperson with the Denver District Attorney's Office, told The New York Post.