Kelly Loeffler Caught Wearing a 'Wire' During Georgia Senate Debate: Here is the Truth

Twitter users shared images of what they believe was a secret earpiece Kelly Loeffler was using to answer questions during Sunday night's debate with Raphael Warnock.

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Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler and Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock faced off in a contentious, nationally televised debate at the Atlanta Press Club on Sunday night.

The pair sparred over a number of topics including creating jobs for the American people, boosting the economy, the coronavirus pandemic and criminal justice reform.

However, some eagle-eyed netizens took to Twitter to share screenshots appearing to show what they believe to be a "wire" emerging from Loeffler's left ear during the debate.

Kelly Loeffler
The photo shared by Twitter users appears to show a wire-like device emerging from Loeffler's ear. Twitter

The "device," has been circled in red right under Loeffler's chin, prompting a wild conspiracy theory that the senator was receiving responses through the secret earpiece.

"She speaks like she's reading a prompter she was reading off of! Maybe she was just listening? Cheaters gotta cheat!," wrote one user, while another commented, "She probably isn't bright enough to answer questions so someone is telling her what to say."

Others pointed out that Loeffler's "stiff" stance and the fact that she did not even brush her hair once during the debate added more credibility to the theory.

"Would also explain her robotic movement," tweeted one user. "LIMITED movement to avoid accidentally displacing the wire and exposing it."

Although it may appear as though Loeffler was wearing a wire during the debate, fact-checking website Politifact confirmed that it was a strand of the senator's hair that made it look like she was wearing a secret earpiece.

Loeffler Acted Like a 'Robot,' Repeated Responses During Debate

Loeffler, who has been accused of dumping stocks upon learning about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, drew criticism over her performance at the debate, which many have called "robotic."

The senator's repeated responses over questions asked were also called into question, as though she had memorized only a few buzzwords as she repeatedly referred to Warnock as a "radical liberal."

Viewers also noticed that questions from the moderators earned a response from Loeffler that had nothing to do with the question itself.

The senator's android-like performance has now become the subject or viral memes on Twitter with some turning her repeated utterance of the word "radical liberal" into a drinking game while others mocked the senator over her "expression-less" appearance. Here are some of the reactions:

This article was first published on December 7, 2020