Rudy Giuliani Tries To Silence His 'Drunk' Voter Fraud Witness at Michigan Hearing; Video Goes Viral

The video shows Rudy Giuliani attempting to stop an animated Melissa Carone, who claims to be a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, from speaking at the hearing in Michigan on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was accompanied by witnesses as a means to present what the Trump campaign deems to be evidence of voter fraud at a hearing in Michigan on Wednesday.

Now a video of an embarrassed Giuliani trying to shush one of the witnesses from speaking at the hearing is now being widely circulated on social media.

Giuliani and fellow Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis appeared in front of the Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing amid pressure from Trump and his Republican allies for the GOP-led state legislature to step in and give the state to the president, despite President-elect Joe Biden's 154,000-vote victory.

Giuliani Tries to Shush Melissa Carone

One of the witnesses Trump's legal team brought back was Melissa Carone, who claims to have worked as a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, a vote-counting software that Trump believes s is responsible for widespread election fraud.

During her testimony, Carone was noticeably slurring and repeatedly interrupting representatives as she insisted that she witnessed blatant and massive fraud when ballots were being counted. The witness also alleged that she witnessed poll workers running the same ballots through voting machines "thousands of times."

Melissa Carone and Rudy Giuliani,
A still from the video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

At one point, during an exchange with GOP Rep. Steve Johnson, an animated Carone
starts yelling when she is questioned about her claim that a batch of 30,000 votes counted multiple times would not be reflected in the poll book. Her reaction prompts Giuliani to reach over to calm her down, all while audibly "shushing" her. Watch the clip below:

Netizens Think Carone Was 'Drunk'

The video has now garnered close to 6 million views on Twitter and thousands of comments with users claiming Carone appears to be intoxicated during her testimony.

"How is anyone of sound mind even entertaining this woman? She is clearly under the influence and her interrupting is counterproductive and disrespectful," wrote one user, while another commented, "She's drunk right? That's not just me that hears her slurring?"

Here are some of the other reactions on Twitter: