Kayla Lemieux: Canadian Teacher With Size Z Breasts Denies Being Photographed Like a Man as She Claims Her Breasts 'Are Real' and Not Prosthetic

Lemieux, who was dressed as a woman and displayed her big breasts, blond wig, and makeup, said she was born "intersex" and not a "transgender person."

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The Canadian high school teacher, who previously made headlines for wearing size Z prosthetic breasts to the classrooms, has claimed they're real and not fake. Controversial Kayla Lemieux also refuted claims that she dressed as a male outside of school premises after supposedly being seen without her large breasts by one of her neighbors.

However, the transgender teacher acknowledged that she cannot prove that her breasts are not fake. Lemieux's claims come just days after she was photographed outside the school premises without her prosthetic breasts. But she claimed that the person photographed leaving home with the prosthetic breasts was someone different and not her.

Straight Denial

Kayla Lemieux
Kayla Lemieux Twitter

In an interview with the New York Post, Lemieux straightaway denied being the person photographed without the prosthetic breasts. "I'm not wearing prosthetic breasts. These are real," Lemieux told the outlet on Saturday.

Lemieux, who was dressed as a woman and displayed her big breasts, blond wig, and makeup, said she was born "intersex" and not a "transgender person."

Kayla Lemieux
Kayla Lemieux Twitter

"My condition is classified as gigantomastia, which can also be referred to as macromastia or breast hypertrophy," Lemieux told the outlet during a sit-down at a cafe in Burlington, near Toronto.

"It's rare, there's no doubt about it. It affects women on a very rare basis, but in my case, I believe — and my doctor thinks — because I have XX chromosomes as well, that has something to do with it, and hormone sensitivity to estrogen has caused it."

Lemieux, who had a strong Canadian accent and spoke in a delicate, high-pitched voice, denied ever having a formal diagnosis when prodded for evidence. She also denied being the person who was captured on camera by The NY Post last week walking on a walkway shortly after driving out of her apartment complex.

A neighbor recognized the person as Lemieux because of their uncanny likeness to the teacher and the fact that they were wearing men's attire and had no breasts.

"He wears prosthetic breasts extremely infrequently," the neighbor said. "He puts the breasts on to teach, occasionally when he goes for a walk or when the cops visit."

Also, a law enforcement source claims that both uniformed and plainclothes officers routinely check on her welfare at her apartment.

Lemieux began appearing in public as a woman in May 2022, according to the neighbor, and his attire is typically impossible to miss.

"I was driving past. You can see the breasts from so far away when you're driving,' he said. 'He put the whole outfit on and just walked up and down Guelph Line — no bags, just walking. Everyone slows down because you can't believe what they're seeing."

Kayla Lemieux
Kayla Lemieux Twitter

In response to these accusations, Lemieux spoke up immediately, saying, "I can't tell you who it is because I don't want to draw anyone else into this. I don't want that person being thrown all over the media, but it wasn't me."

Asked if her appearance ever differed from the way she looked at the time, Lemieux said, "I guess if I took my wig off or took my makeup off."

"But I would still have breasts. You can't hide them. People online making comments are basically body-shaming," Lemieux added.

Controversial Figure

Lemieux, a shop teacher at Ontario's Oakville Trafalgar High School since September of last year, has caused worldwide controversy ever since her images and videos went public. Several bomb and gun threats have been made against the school, specifically targeting Lemieux and other administrators.

Kayla Lemieux
Kayla Lemieux Twitter

Additionally, it has been claimed that teachers have threatened to suspend students for taking pictures or videos of Lemieux on school property.

Lemieux told the outlet that she started hormone replacement therapy in 2021 and was "in transition."

"I identify as a woman. Female. She/her," Lemieux said.

She said "Yes" when asked if the hormone therapy was to blame for the size of her breasts.

"My whole life, I've been identifying as male. I've been looking like a male. When I decided to embrace this other side of me around age 39, this presented itself," she said.

The controversial teacher said that being intersex "can mean different things to different people but generally, as a male you're born with XY chromosomes and women with XX chromosomes."

"Intersex people can have a mixture of those two different sets of chromosomes. It can be something they don't even know about. It can show up in other physical attributes at birth so it can be more obvious or less obvious, depending on the person," Lemieux said.

Kayla Lemieux
Kayla Lemieux Twitter

Lemieux claims to have gigantomastia, which the renowned Cleveland Clinic characterizes as "a rare illness condition that involves developing extremely large breasts due to excessive breast tissue growth," with only approximately 300 cases ever being documented.

"It affects people assigned female at birth. If you have gigantomastia, you'll experience rapid and disproportionate breast growth. The speed at which your breasts grow can vary, from over a few weeks to over several years," according to the Cleveland Clinic's website.

"It can happen during puberty, pregnancy or from taking medication. In some cases, it occurs spontaneously and for no reason."

Lemieux has appeared in photos and videos taken at school while wearing tight attire and exposing her huge nipples beneath her top.

Parents who were outraged demanded it after the Halton District School Board first declined to implement one last year out of worry that it might violate Ontario's Human Rights Code.

A policy, mandating teachers to dress in an "appropriate and professional" manner was approved by the school board in January, but the National Post reports that a meeting of the board on Wednesday was marred by boisterous public protests.

Police were called after several board members left the meeting and one woman was apparently removed.