Kate Boozer: Michigan Teacher Accused of Having Sex with Student over 100 Times Inside Classroom

Boozer and her student ensured they covered "every window in the classroom including even the small notch window in the door so there was no way to see in the classroom."

A Lake Oregon, Michigan teacher allegedly had sex with a teenage student on more than 100 occasions inside the classroom without ever getting caught. Ryan Crue, the student, has come forward after years and accused Kate Boozer, his Spanish language teacher, of repeatedly sexually abusing him. However, he never spoke about it fearing that the teacher could harm him.

The alleged abuse took place at Lake Orion High School. The local sheriff's department has thoroughly investigated the matter, however, and decided not to press charges against the teacher as Crue in one way was not a typical alleged sexual assault victim.

Wild Encounter

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Crue did not open up for years but has now publicly accused Boozer for sexually preying on him when she was a 28-year-old teacher in 2014. Crue was 16 years old at that time and used to learn Spanish from Boozer. In an interview to Fox 2 Detroit, Crue said that the relationship began all of a sudden when Boozer on one afternoon after school instigated a "physical interaction that was incredibly inappropriate."

However, Boozer made sure that no one saw her during the sexual encounters with her student. In fact, she took Crue's help to cover all the windows of the classroom with "big sheets of black construction paper." The two ensured that they covered "every window in the classroom including even the small notch window in the door so there was no way to see in the classroom."

He says they had some form of sexual intercourse more than 100 times and sometimes the wild sexual encounters would take place in Boozer's own class at school.

Sudden Change of Mind

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Crue says that everything was fine till one day he realized that what he was doing was not right. Crue says Boozer would often shower him with gifts to keep the relationship going. She would also give him cards and call up late night. However, when he suddenly decided to drop his Spanish class, his mother decided to fix a meeting with the authorities of his school and Boozer and then after sensing that something was not right, stopped the classes.

That said, the sexual abuse allegation didn't go unnoticed by the school authorities despite several attempts by Boozer to hide it. Lake Orion Schools provided Fox 2 Detroit with a statement about the sexual abuse allegations that Crue has levied on Boozer. Boozer and her attorney told the media outlet in a statement, "This matter came up and there was an investigation done by the Oakland County Sheriff. The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office reviewed the investigation and declined to authorize charges against my client. As far as we are concerned, the case is closed."

According to the school district, the last time alleged sex abuser Boozer was a teacher there was in 2016.