Former US Embassy Worker Accused of Drugging and Sexually Abusing 23 Women While Posted in Mexico

rian Jeffrey Raymond, 44, would befriend women through dating apps and then drug their drinks and rape them in his office apartment.

A man who worked at the US Embassy in Mexico City allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted almost a dozen women over the past decade, according to authorities, who have been investigating the case. In fact, the man would also take photos and videos of the women while sexually abusing them and store it in his apartment.

The repeated acts of sexual abuse went unnoticed for years till one of the victims shouted and alerted the police while being drugged sometime in May this year. The recent scandal comes to light less than four months after two UN officials were caught on camera having sex with a woman inside an official car in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Seasoned Sexual Predator

Rape and harassment

Brian Jeffrey Raymond, 44, a US citizen, who until May worked for an agency of the United States government, has been charged with coercion and enticement in the United States. More charges are likely to be slapped once the investigation is over. Raymond is being investigated after authorities reportedly found photos and videos of at least 23 women being drugged and sexually abused from his apartment bedroom in Mexico City recently.

The pictures and video uncovered by investigators show a number of women in unconscious state, with a man waving their limp arms and legs, holding open their eyelids and even putting his fingers in their mouth, in an bid to show that they are unconscious. Some of the photos and videos also show Raymond nude or aroused.

Police said that they seized at least 25 videos and more than 400 photographs. Raymond was arrested on October 9 in California, while visiting his parents. Police believe that some of the women were also sexually abused after he returned to the United States.

Criminal Mindset

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Raymond continued with the sexual acts for years the incidents came to light in May. His indictment stems from a May 31, 2020 incident when he tried to sexually abuse a woman in his Mexico City apartment. Police came to the woman's help after she shouted for help from the apartment's balcony. Police rescued her in a disoriented state and was taken to the hospital where doctors found injuries indicating that she had been injured and raped.

Raymond returned to the United States the very next day but investigators raided his apartment that is owned by the embassy and uncovered the videos and photos. Authorities believe he continued dating women even after returning to the United States.

According to the prosecutor, Raymond would take help of dating apps like Tinder or Bumble to meet up with his victims. He would then befriend them and drug their drinks before sexually abusing them. Raymond has "exerted power and control over unconscious women," according to a court motion. Authorities described his actions in the filing as "evidence of his unique ability to portray a very different public face."

Federal authorities have also found several communications between Raymond and a number of women who apologized for turning down his offers, inquiring if they had sex, or saying their memory of the night before was hazy. If proven guilty, Raymond could end up serving a long term in prison.