H.O.T. member Kangta says Victoria of f(x) is his ideal type Instagram/an_chil_hyun

South Korean singer Kangta has opened up about his love life. The 37-year-old member of South Korean boyband H.O.T revealed he is open to dating.

During an episode of JTBC's Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Kangta said: "My last relationship was three years ago. I don't have a girlfriend right now. Since I haven't been dating, I think my love cells are dying."

Adding on, during the show he was asked about his ideal type, Victoria of f(x). He said: "She has a lively and vibrant charm. Ever since I've said this on broadcast, she's distanced herself from me. She hasn't contacted me since. Her number has changed."

Kangta continued: "If I may explain, what I'm saying is that she resembles my ideal girl. I hope you would keep in touch with me like before."

In 2013, during an appearance on China Shenzhen's popular variety program Generation Show, Kangta gushed about Victoria. He said: "Victoria appeared in one of my music videos before she made her debut. However, I had to go to the army as soon as the album was released. That's why I saw the music video in the army."

He continued: "When I saw her in the music video in the army, I thought, 'She's like an angel.' I wanted to ask her out after I finish my military service. However, when I got out of the military there were already quite a few male celebrities who were trying to pursue her. That's why I gave up."