Kalki for Hindus, Second Coming for Christians: Is Coronavirus Doomsday Prophecy Same Across Religions?

In Hinduism and Christianity, there are prophecies talking about world end, and spiritualists argue that the coronavirus outbreak is one sign that is signaling the end times

As the novel coronavirus is wreaking havoc in all nooks of the world, spiritualists, irrespective of religions have started claiming that the pandemic outbreak is actually hinting at an imminent end of the world.

These spiritualists, citing religious textbooks argue that signs of world end are mentioned in ancient scriptures written thousands of years ago, and they believe that recent world events are indicating the materialization of these predictions.

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Hindu Predictions and Rise of Kalki

Hinduism believes that natural disasters and dreaded events like pandemic hits used to affect the world every century or at least in every yuga (a term used to describe a specific time-period in Hindu religion). In 1918, the Spanish Flu impacted the world very badly, and Hindu followers believe that the rise of coronavirus after 100 years is no coincidence.

Hinduism follows the basic principle 'Dharamasansthapnaya Sambhavami Yuge-Yuge', which means an avatar or incarnation of God will rise in every time period to ensure justice on the planet.

Hindu eschatology is linked to the Vaishnavite tradition, and there is a mention of Kalki in these religious textbooks. According to Vaishnava belief, Kalki is the tenth and the last avatar of Lord Vishnu, and this entity will come to earth in Kali Yuga. Hindu believers argue that humanity is currently going through Kali Yuga, where the world will witness a progressive decline in morality.

When Kalki avatar takes place, the world will end soon, and a new cycle will happen, beginning from Satya Yuga. Hindu texts reveal that the rise of Kalki is to remove the darkness of the modern world, thus affirming justice in a new world that will begin after the ultimate doom.

Interestingly, the Kalki prophecy is also found in Buddhist texts and is even believed by Sikh followers. Now, as the entire world is battling the coronavirus outbreak, gurus of Hinduism argue that the Kalki avatar has already started showing its destructive face on the planet.

Bible And the Second Coming of Christ

Very similar to the predictions in Hindu scriptures, the Bible has also talked about the signs of end times. According to the Bible, the inevitable apocalypse will begin with the rise of the Antichrist, and it will be soon be followed by the second coming of Christ.

Staunch believers of Christianity argue that these end times often called the great tribulation period will be characterized by pandemic outbreaks, natural disasters like tsunami, volcanic eruptions, and asteroid hits. They also believe that signs of the apocalypse will initially show up in the skies before it hits the land.

Coronavirus May Never Be Eradicated: Fauci

Recently, popular Christian evangelist Paul Begley had claimed that the identity of the Antichrist who will rise before the second coming of the Christ is revealed in the Bible. In one of his YouTube videos, Begley revealed that Antichrist will be most probably a world leader who will bring darkness to the entire world. He also added that this evil entity will introduce a new world order on earth.

Coronavirus Outbreak: No End in Near Sight

As religious believers are awaiting an imminent world end, the recent surge in coronavirus cases indicates that this pandemic is here to stay with the humans. Earlier, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases had claimed that coronavirus is a perfect storm with no end in near sight, and the recent surge in positive cases clearly affirms that his prediction about the pandemic is true.

According to the latest statistics, coronavirus has already killed more than 887,000 people worldwide, and the number of positive cases has crossed 27 million.

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