Kaitlin Armstrong: Chilling Video Captures Moment Killer Yoga Teacher Trying to Escape from Police Custody after Escaping from Doctor's Appointment [WATCH]

Police reported that Armstrong fled into a nearby neighborhood and evaded capture for around 10 minutes.

A Texas woman, who was charged last year with the murder of professional cyclist Moriah Wilson, managed to briefly escape sheriff's custody on Wednesday morning following a doctor's appointment, according to officials. Kaitlin Armstrong has been held in the Travis County Correctional Complex in Del Valle, Texas, since 2022.

She faces charges of shooting and killing a woman who was previously romantically involved with Armstrong's boyfriend. One year down the line, Armstrong tried to escape prison. Her daring act was captured on cellphone camera. Armstrong managed to escape from two correctional officers while being walked back to the car after a visit to a doctor's office in Austin on Wednesday.

Daring Act Caught on Camera

Kaitlin Armstrong
Kaitlin Armstrong seen escaping from police custody during a doctor's appointment X

The video vividly captures Armstrong's daring attempt at freedom as she wears her distinctive black and white striped jail-issued jumpsuit. Officers are seen chasing her up a hill, momentarily stumbling, before Armstrong, 35, appears to leap over a fence.

Police reported that Armstrong fled into a nearby neighborhood and evaded capture for around 10 minutes. However, it remains unclear how she managed to escape.

Armstrong had previously been on the run for 43 days before her initial arrest for the murder of 25-year-old Moriah 'Mo' Wilson in May last year, indicating a history of attempting to elude authorities.

"As they were leaving the facility she ran from those corrections officers and she made it in total about a block and a half. Both of the officers who were pursuing her on foot never lost sight of her," Kristen Dark, senior spokesperson for the Travis County Sheriff's Office told CBS Austin.

"They could see her the whole time. They chased after her and ultimately caught up with her and were able to restrain her."

Kaitlin Armstrong
Kaitlin Armstrong Twitter

During the attempted escape, corrections officers did not draw their firearms. However, she was transported to the Dell Seton Medical Center after the incident.

Armstrong was temporarily taken out of jail for a specialized doctor's appointment that could not be conducted at the Travis County Correctional Complex.

Authorities were unable to specify the type of restraints Armstrong was wearing, and the details of how she managed to break free remain unclear.

Dark said, "For someone to attempt this is very uncommon, very uncommon."

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong and Anna Moriah Wilson
Kaitlin Marie Armstrong (left} and Anna Moriah Wilson Instagram

"I am not able for security purposes to ever disclose the security measures we use with people in our custody."

Dangerous Mind

Armstrong has pleaded not guilty regarding the murder charge in the case involving Moriah 'Mo' Wilson, a competitive gravel and mountain bike racer from Vermont who was killed while in Austin for a race.

Colin Strickland
Colin Strickland Instagram

The incident occurred when Armstrong allegedly became furious upon discovering that Wilson was involved with her boyfriend, Colin Strickland, 35.

Following the event, Armstrong fled Texas and traveled to Costa Rica, changing her look with a nose job and a change in hair color. She used her sister's passport and adopted various aliases during her time on the run.

Ultimately, an anonymous tip led to Armstrong's arrest, supported by surveillance footage that seemingly placed her near Wilson's apartment.

Strickland confessed to having an affair with Wilson and admitted to having dinner with her on the night of the murder.

Kaitlin Armstrong
Kaitlin Armstrong after changing her looks following the murder X

Armstrong allegedly used the Strava app to track Wilson, providing further insight into the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.

Search warrants have revealed that Armstrong visited a gun range with her sister before the killing, and she received $450,000 from Strickland, who also admitted to purchasing firearms for both of them between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

In light of her recent attempted escape, Armstrong is likely to face additional charges. She is currently being held at Travis County Jail on a bond of $3.5 million.

Court records indicate that the state has filed three subpoena applications following the escape attempt, seeking information from St. David's South Austin Medical Center, Travis County Sheriff's Office, and St. David's Austin Medical Center.

Armstrong's jury trial is scheduled on October 30, and if convicted, she could face a sentence of up to 99 years in prison.