K-Pop Dancer Sexually Harassed in Times Square; Disgusting Act Caught on Camera

A Chinese-based K-pop cover dancer was sexually harassed during the filming of a video in a broad daylight reportedly at Times Square in New York. The victim's social media post and the clip of the horrific incident are now going viral even as people demand strict punishment for the pervert for his shameless act.

Chinese Dancer Sexually Harassed in Times Square
K-Pop Dancer Sexually Harassed in Times Square. Instagram

Yingqi, a member of 404 Dance Crew, with her group dancers were filming the video when the unidentified man got closer to the dancer and inappropriately touched her. She and her members were visibly shocked by the man who tried to rub his pelvis against her body. The shocking part of the story is that the onlookers' silence over the pervert's shameless act in public.

The video is shared on 'whatisnewyork' Instagram account which has over 8 lakh followers. The victim has told NextShark agency that the account had initially shared the clip with the caption 'Risks of TiToking' in Times Square. She tried to reach out to the founder of the account over the inappropriate caption, but there was no response.

After repeated attempts from her and the group members, the caption was changed to - TikToking in Times Square #whatisnewyo.

The incident occurred a couple of weeks ago and the victim opened up about the incident on her social media profile on 3 June. However, it is becoming a hot topic of discussion only now.