JYP Answers Question on Hyunjin's Absence; Stray Kids to Make Comeback With Digital Single

Stray Kids to release a new digital single by the end of June. Will Hwang Hyunjin be a part of the song?

Stray Kids made its mark by winning Mnet's survival show Kingdom. After being crowned kings, now the Kpop boy band is said to be gearing up for the release of their new single. Meanwhile, after fans trended #WhereIsHyunjin, JYP Entertainment has opened up about the possibility of the singer starting his music activities again.

Hwang Hyunjin was kept out of all promotional works of Stray Kids after his name was raked up in the school violence incident. Stray Kids' agency JYP Entertainment had announced in February 2021 that Hyunjin would be temporarily halting all activities following bullying allegation against him. Fans demanded to know where Hyunjin was when Stray Kids won the Kingdom awards. Many fans even dedicated the award to him by commenting, "This award belongs to you too Hyunjin."

Hwang Hyunjin
Hwang Hyunjin of Stray Kids. Instagram

Where is Hyunjin?

Stray Kids fans even started a twitter campaign questioning JYP Entertainment about Hyunjin's absence from the team. Answering their queries, now the agency has issued a statement. "Once various matters have been confirmed, we will organize everything and let you know," JYP stated.

JYP had asked Hyunjin to refrain from all activities after a netizen claimed that he was being bullied by the singer in their school days. He said that Hyunjin would always ridicule him for being a part of the reduced lunch option. He said that Hyunjin would say that other students did not get enough food because of students like him took away the food by paying less.

He also said that Hyunjin would say, "'You look like that because you have no mother,' and would say abusive things, make sexual harassing insults, and diss others' families. His unprovoked mockery and insensitivity, and quarrels where he wanted to hit people were shocking," the netizen had posted. Looking at JYP's response, it does not look like Hyunjin will be a part of the next single Stray Kids is planning to release.

Stray Kids New Single

Giving details about the new single, the agency spoke to Sports Kyunghyang and said: "We are preparing for a release and we will tell you the exact date once everything is confirmed." The digital single is tentatively scheduled to be released in the end of June.

It can be noted that Stray Kids had released their latest single as part of the show Kingdom. The song Wolfgang was released in digital form on May 28. But apart from this, it has been nine months since Stray Kids released a song.

According to the details available now, Stray Kids will release their mixtape project. The album included Gone Days and On Track. Previously, Stray Kids had collaborated with Alesso and Corsak for Going Dumb single and also released the Korean version of ALL IN in November 2020.

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