Justin Timberlake Seen with Bloodshot Eyes in First Mugshot after DWI Arrest as It's Revealed He Refused to Take Breath Test

The outlet also reported that Timberlake told arresting officers he had "just one martini" before "following his friends home".

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Justin Timberlake appeared with bloodshot eyes in his mugshot, taken shortly after he was arrested for drunk driving in Sag Harbor. The photo shows the singer staring stony-faced into the camera just moments after being pulled over. Timberlake had been drinking with friends at the American Hotel bar when he chose to drive a BMW and attempted to leave.

Timberlake was soon pulled over and refused a breath test, telling the police, "No, I'm not doing a chemical test. I refuse! I refuse!" Timberlake also told the officers who arrested him that he had only consumed "just one martini", although the singer, reportedly, had consumed a lot more than that.

Drunk and Sloshed

Justin Timberlake mugshot
Justin Timberlake's mugshot after his arrest shows his bloodshot and glassy eyes X

The singer appeared unsteady on his feet and did not pass his field sobriety test. Police had seen him failing to stay in the correct lane before pulling him over. Police described Timberlake as having "bloodshot and glassy" eyes, a strong smell of alcohol, slowed speech, and an inability to maintain focus.

On Tuesday morning Timberlake was seen being escorted across the bridge from Sag Harbor police headquarters to the village's Justice Court. He appeared stunned, looking straight ahead as officers led him out.

At a brief arraignment, Timberlake pleaded not guilty. He was banned from driving in New York for a year and released without bail. Timberlake emerged from the court wearing a baseball cap.

He faces charges of DWI, running a stop sign, and failing to maintain his lane. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 26.

Reports indicated that Timberlake had been partying with friends at the upscale American Hotel on Main Street — just a brief walk from the nearby police station — before he drove away and quickly ran a stop sign.

"He went to dinner with friends. There were cops stationed outside where he was having dinner. He pulled out and they pulled him over for a traffic violation," a source said.

One witness told The New York Post that Timberlake had been "wasted" before his DWI arrest and was seen drinking from someone else's drink at another table.

The witness told the outlet, "He was wasted. At one point, just before closing, somebody got up to go to the bathroom and left his drink on the table.

"When [the man] came back, [Timberlake] was drinking his drink. The guy goes, 'Justin, that's my drink!'."

Limitless Drinking and Attitude Problem

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake X

The outlet also reported that Timberlake told arresting officers he had "just one martini" before "following his friends home". Footage has also surfaced from nearby surveillance cameras showing his BMW driving through Sag Harbor in the early hours of Tuesday.

The singer, often referred to as the 'Prince of Pop', is married to actress Jessica Biel, and they tied the knot in 2012.

Biel used her Instagram to wish Timberlake a Happy Father's Day last Sunday after she was seen filming in New York City last week. One picture showed the Tennessee-born singer kissing the side of her head in a selfie, while others showed Timberlake with his sons Silas, nine, and Phineas, three.

The singer-songwriter also appeared on social media to recognize the holiday. He posted two photos with each of his sons and shared a meaningful caption as he engaged with his 72.6 million followers.

Timberlake is currently touring across America, with the first leg of his tour set to conclude on July 9 at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.

Following a few weeks break, he will resume his tour in late July with the European leg starting in Krakow, Poland on July 29.