Justin Mohn: Man Who Beheaded His Father and Posted It on YouTube Was QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Who Wrote Several Books Including 'The Second Messiah'

His conspiracy theories share similarities with the grievances associated with the QAnon Movement, a far-right group established in 2017.

The man suspected of beheading his father and displaying the severed head on YouTube was burdened with student debt, an avid conspiracy theorist, and held the belief that he was the 'Second Messiah.' Justin Mohn, 32 was arrested at Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania at around 9 pm on Tuesday on charges of murdering his 68-year-old father, Mike.

The disturbed son went on a rant in a 14-minute YouTube video blasting the federal government for 'woke mobs,' blaming migrants for ruining the United States, and expressing animosity towards 'globalists and communists.' The disturbing video reportedly ends with Mohn holding up his father's severed head in front of the shocked viewers.

Dark and Disturbed Past

Justin Mohn
Justin Mohn seen in the YouTube video X

Records indicate that Mohn returned to reside in his parents' $390,000 home with his brother Zachary, 35, and sister Stephanie, 38, after he was fired from a job in Colorado, reportedly for forcefully kicking open an office door, the Daily Mail reported.

Mohn graduated from Penn State with a degree in business management in 2014 but has faced challenges in maintaining stable employment over the past decade.

Instead, he has self-published eight books with a stated intention of bringing positive change to the world. Among these is 'The Second Messiah,' which he claims is loosely based on his own experiences, the outlet reported.

In addition to his literary pursuits, he has written and produced several songs on Spotify, addressing topics such as his financial struggles, the challenges he faces as a white man, and the perceived jealousy from his father hindering his success.

His conspiracy theories share similarities with the grievances associated with the QAnon Movement, a far-right group established in 2017.

Justin Mohn
Justin Mohn seen displaying his father Michael Mohn's severed head X

Among his published works are titles such as 'They Will Burn This Book,' 'The Punishing,' 'Poems I Wrote While Stoned,' 'The Kingdom of Dark,' 'The Pink,' 'Dark Ages of the Future,' and 'The Revolution Leader's Survival Guide.'

"His life story is unbelievable and there may not be enough words to describe him, but one may begin to understand his complexity and experiences through his art," his bio on Amazon reads.

Weird Way of Making a Change

Mohn, a 2014 graduate of Penn State with a degree in business management, has tried to shift the blame for his significant debt through legal avenues. He has filed lawsuits against the federal government four times, alleging that they allowed him to borrow money for college without informing him about the challenges of finding employment, citing his status as an 'overeducated white man.'

Mike Mohn, Justin Mohn's father
Justin Mohn's fatehr Mike Mohn seen with his wife Denice Facebook

The most recent lawsuit, filed in 2023, was dismissed by the judge for lacking legal standing.

In 2019, Mohn also sued Progressive Insurance, claiming that he faced obstacles in advancing within the company due to his gender. This lawsuit, too, was met with legal challenges.

On Spotify, Mohn has produced and performed several songs, including titles such as 'They Came For Justin Mohn,' 'I Miss Lauren,' and 'Judge Kathy Toilet,' the Daily Mail reported.

In one of his songs, Justin Mohn talked about his frustration with the debts he owed and conveyed a sentiment that authorities wished for his demise.

Justin Mohn
Justin Mohn Facebook

"This is a woman's world. Empowering only girls. Step on all the men. Kill the cock and praise the hen," one of the lines in the song goes.

One of Mohn's beliefs included the assertion that he was officially the acting president of America under martial law. Additionally, he claimed that both the Democratic and Republican parties believed he would have been the best candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

Mohn's conspiracy theories align with similar grievances found within the QAnon Movement, a far-right group established in 2017.

Public records indicate that Mohn moved to Colorado in 2015 but had been compelled to return to his hometown and reside with his parents.

Mohn attended Sandburg Middle School and Neshaminy High School, graduating in 2010, as reported by levittownnow.

The Bucks County District Attorney's Office said that Middletown Township Police were called to a residence on Upper Orchard Drive around 7 p.m. by the victim's wife.

Justin Mohn
Justin Mohn Facebook

The YouTube video shows Mohn holding up his father's head in a bloodied plastic bag in a silver container. In the video, he declares, "Violence is the only solution to the federal government's treason."

"This is the head of Mike Mohn, a federal employee of over 20 years and my father. He is now in hell for eternity as a traitor to his country," he says in the video.

Mohn is listed as a resident in the same location as his father, mother Denice, 63, brother Zachary, 35, and sister Stephanie, 38. His father is reported to have owned two businesses—a cleaning company and a literacy initiative. There is no evidence to suggest that he was a federal employee.