Jung Eun Chae's agency clarifies about her alleged extramarital relationship with Jung Joon Il

Following the successful opening to Lee Min Ho starrer drama, The King: Eternal Monarch, actress Jung Eun Chae, who plays a major role in the series is also trending

Actress Jung Eun Chae's name is trending for two reasons currently. First one is her awesome 'Prime Minister' look in The King: Eternal Monarch and the other is alleged extramarital relationship with vocalist Jung Joon Il.

The reason for 2012 expose that allegedly led to Jung Joon Il's divorce is the statement issued in this regard by the vocalist's agency My Entertainment. Jung Eun Chae had refuted claims of an extramarital affair and stated that she was not aware of the fact the vocalist was married.

Eun Chae's alleged extramarital relationship

The King: Eternal Monarch Jung Eun Chae

The statement by My Entertainment states that Jung Eun Chae knew about the marital status of Jung Joon Il when she was in a relationship with him.

Speaking about Jung Joon Il's point of view, his agency stated "Jung Eun Chae definitely knew about Jung Joon Il being married at the time she was romantically involved with him. It makes no sense that she surfacing of didn't know about his wife. Right now, it sounds like Jung Joon Il intentionally hid his marital status and tricked Jung Eun Chae into the relationship. This is not true at all but he is being ruthlessly criticized."

Jung Joon Il is popular for his soundtrack "The First Snow" for the Guardian: The Lonely and Great God series among others.

The expose of 2012

Jung Joon Il
Jung Joon Il Instagram

It was reported that Jung Joon Il met his (former) wife in 2006 and soon they started dating. The information about his wife is not revealed and even the fact that he was married was kept a secret and was never publically spoken about.

But in 2010 there was a rumour that Jung Joon Il was in a relationship with Jung Eun Chae. But the problem seemed to have sorted out and according to reports Jung Joon Il had promised not to be in relationship with any other woman, he got married to her in 2011.

But his wife had later claimed that the vocalist continued to cheat on her as he never stopped seeing Jung Eun Chae. She even had said that Jung Joon Il did not even apologise to her and asked her for a divorce. Following the expose, Jung Joon Il is said to have broken his marriage with his then-wife. The entire story was published on Jung Joon Il's fan page by his wife.

Jung Eun Chae
Jung Eun Chae Instagram

This shocked the vocalist's fans because they had no clue till then that he was married. His fans had believed that he was dating Jung Eun Chae and never thought of him cheating on his wife. Though the incident occurred in 2012, a report published in Wikitree about Jung Eun Chae's claims that she was not aware of Jung Joon Il's secret marriage, his agency My Entertainment issued a clarification.

Eun Chae's agency reacts

Currently trending because of the successful opening of the Lee Min Ho starrer series The King: Eternal Monarch where Eun Chae plays a major role, her agency KEYEAST also issued a clarification.

Releasing the statement on April 19, KeyEast Entertainment stated, "Jung Eun Chae's position was revealed against her wishes. We hope the resulting battle for the truth on both sides will no longer continue. This is an extremely private matter that ended 10 years ago. Neither side has any intention of bringing up the issue right now, but because of this sudden report, people are treating it as if it's a current case. We regret this situation has caused additional harm to our artist by having a specific part of an issue that belongs to her private life revealed to the public. We ask that you refrain from further speculation and making statements without evidence."