Jun Ji Hyun's Husband Choi Jun Hyuk Shuts Down Divorce Rumors With 'Slam Dunk' Kakao Talk Profile

Choi Jun Hyuk used a scene from Slam Dunk series as his Kakao Talk background with a caption: "I want to be Jun Ji Hyun's husband."

The Legend of the Blue Sea actress Jun Ji Hyun made headlines as a youtube channel claimed that she had separated from her husband Choi Jun Hyuk. After Jun Ji Hyun's agency refuted the claims, now the actress' husband Choi Jun Hyuk has come up with an interesting idea to give a befitting reply to rumor mongers. He updated his Kakao Talk profile with a picture and caption: "I... want to be Jun Ji Hyun's husband!"

After the rumors of Jun Ji Hyun and Choi Jun Hyun divorce started making rounds in social media, Choi Jun Hyuk decided to change his Kakao Talk profile background image. He chose an image that parodies a popular scene from Slam Dunk series. This was his answer to Garo Gari Institute YouTubers who had first claimed that Jun Ji Hyun and Choi Jun Hyuk had separated in December 2020 and that the latter had initiated divorce process.

Jun Ji Hyun
South Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun. Instagram

The youtubers also had claimed that Jun Ji Hyun's husband had left the house after saying that he did not want to be her husband anymore. So, this piece from Slam Dunk with a speech bubble saying, "I want to be Jun Ji Hyun's husband," is indeed a befitting reply to shut the rumors down.

Culture Depot Denies Claims

As soon as the rumors made their way into media and social media platforms, Jun Ji Hyun's agency Culture Depot issued a statement clarifying that there was no truth in the claims made by Garo Garo Youtubers. The label even warned of strict legal action against those spreading rumors.

The youtubers also had stated that Choi Jun Hyuk had cheated on his wife and was ready to divorce her. Thus, an indirect clarification coming from Choi Jun Hyuk is a proof that the couple is still together. Choi Jun Hyuk is the president of Alpha series and the couple is considered as one of the power couples of South Korea. They have two sons aged 3 and 5.

Though not a celebrity, Choi Jun Hyuk is a powerful banker in South Korea. He has experience of working at Bank of America. He is estimated to have a fortune of nearly $ 100 million. Choi Jun Hyuk and Jun Ji Hyun are childhood sweethearts. They were friends from elementary school. They started meeting again after becoming adults. Love bloomed between the both and after dating for two years, they got married on April 13 in 2012.

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