Jun Ji Hyun grabs first place among Korean stars with hot husbands; find out others

Legend of Blue Sea actress Jun Ji Hyun's husband is a handsome banker.

Jun Ji Hyun  in Legend of the Blue Sea
Jun Ji Hyun in Legend of the Blue Sea youtube

Female celebrities of South Korea often end up tying knot with someone from the industry itself but there are several female celebrities who got married to men who are not part of the entertainment industry. Han Chae Young, Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Hee Sun are some examples.

Recently, Korea Herald compiled a list of Hallyu female stars with hot husbands and the "Legend of the Blue Sea" actress Jun Ji Hyun grabbed the first position and was identified as the top celebrity who married a handsome non-celebrity man.

Jun Ji Hyun's husband is a banker and the two got married in 2012. The couple met during their teenage years as both of them lived in the same neighbourhood. According to Korea Portal, the love between Jun and Choi blossomed when the banker fell sick several years back and the actress took care of him. Choi is known among his friends and colleagues for his good looks and fit physique.

"Only You" star Han got the second position of the list who got married to a businessman Choi Dong Jun in May 2007. Han's husband too is known for his handsome face and during the late 1990s he even tried his luck in acting career. However, he did not did not flourish much in the entertainment field and therefore ended up in a successful business.

"Angry Mom" star Kim got the third place given her marriage to a handsome and highly successful businessman, Park Ju Young. His handsome looks and fit body not only gave him the number three position in this list but also he nabbed him a spot at a men's magazine.

In other news, Jun Ji Hyun's popular SBS drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" ended after successfully with double-digit TV ratings of 17.9 percent nationwide, according to Nielsen Korea, as cited by Yonhap News.

This article was first published on February 14, 2017