John Morrison, former Intercontinental Champion, returns to WWE with new contract

After a successful six-year period with WWE, John Morrison, previousl known as Johnny Nitro, coming back to the company.

John Morrison
John Morrison during his earlier stint with WWE Twitter/WWE

Way back in 2005, a new tag-team debuted on WWE Smackdown called MNM. The three letters in its name stood for the initials of the two wrestlers – Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury – and the diva who was their companion and ring-side cheerleader – Melina.

The most prominent talent of this team, Johnny Nitro, later known as John Morrison (real name – John Randall Hannigan) established himself as not just a successful tag-team member but later, as a valuable individual competitor on the circuit. Now, Morrison is coming back to WWE after a gap of eight years.

WWE put out this information on its website and reported that the former Intercontinental Champion has signed a multi-year contract with the company. The details of the contract, like the period for which it has been signed and the money involved are yet to be divulged.

John Morrison
Morrison was shown to be a glamorous celebrity Twitter

The website also mentions that the time of his return to on-screen action and the brand on which he would appear is yet to be determined. On top of that, we don't know what gimmick he would adopt.

The MNM were shown as being a highly glamorous team with links to the world of showbiz. In one of its early appearances, during their entrance into the arena, a picture of the team members with Paris Hilton was displayed.

In a successful period of around two years, the team won the WWE Tag Team Championship three times. However, both Morrison and Melina were intended by WWE to become top individual competitors in their own spheres.

The team was broken up due to Morrison and Mercury's off-screen animosity and an impending suspension for the latter. Melina went on to become WWE Women's Champion whereas Morrison began to be pushed as singles competitor and became Intercontinental champion. He also featured in matches for the top singles title.

After competing on all the WWE top brands like Smackdown, RAW, and ECW, Morrison departed from the scene in 2011. He continued to wrestle in several smaller promotions. Now, as he get readies to come back to WWE, it would be interesting to see whether he retains the gimmick he had previously or gets billed in a different way.