Joe Biden's Heavily Drugged Niece Caroline Biden Escapes Jail Time After Crashing Car

President-elect Joe Biden's niece Caroline Biden has avoided jail sentence after she pleaded guilty for driving under the influence (DUI), recently. Caroline, daughter of James Biden, had crashed her car into a tree in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania, in August last year.

Caroline pleaded guilty on December 3 and was sentenced to a period of "confinement" between 20 days and six months. However, Biden's niece managed to negotiate a plea with the Montgomery County District Attorney following which she was given five months of probation, with 20 days in rehab in January counting towards her sentence.

Caroline Biden
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Controlled Substances Were Found in Caroline's Blood Test

In an article published in New York Post, it was stated that Caroline, who was driving without a license, was heavily intoxicated when she rammed her car into the tree. Arresting officer Jeffrey Seamans had revealed that she 'had difficulty focusing on the conversation" as he questioned her. Pill bottles of controlled substances, carisoprodol and lorazepam, were found in her car by the police. Later, the substances were also found in her system following a blood test, reported the outlet.

After dragging over for more than a year, Caroline's arraignment was finally held on November 4, this year. A court spokesman told the outlet that the 'date was auto-generated and its post-election timing coincidental.'

Speaking to The Post, Mike Gottlieb, a Norristown, Pa., attorney said that ruling was fair for a first offense. "It is not an unusual sentence to get credit for the time in the rehab. So truthfully, I don't think she was treated any differently than any of my clients would have been."

Caroline Is a Habitual Offender

It is not for the first time that Caroline has erred on the wrong side of the law. In 2017, she was arrested after spending $110,000 on a stolen credit at a pharmacy for a year.

She was accused of assaulting police officers at her Tribeca apartment where they were investigating the allegations against Biden's niece over non-payment of rent.

The publication also reported that Caroline's father, James Biden was also under suspicion for his involvement in the Pennsylvania hospital chain Americore. His name also cropped up during Hunter Biden's laptop scandal wherein emails mentioned him to be involved with the Chinese energy giant CEFC.