Did Putin Call Donald Trump a 'Loser' For Crying Over Lost Elections in Viral Video? Here is the Truth

A viral video being circulated as Russian President Vladimir Putin terming Donald Trump as 'loser' following his defeat in the US Presidential elections is found to be fake. The viral video, which has diplomats talking in Russian, is released with English subtitles.

Putin, who is reported to have close ties with the current US President, congratulated President-elect Joe Biden on winning the elections, a day after the U.S. Electoral College voted to secure the Democrat's win.

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump
Vladimiar Putin and Donald Trump. Twitter

Putin Was Given a Detailed Account of Trump's Loss

The video first surfaced on the social media in mid-December and has gone viral since. The nearly-minute long video shows the Russian President having a conversation with his administration members.

The video, which takes a jibe at Trump's continuous rant against accepting his defeat and calling the elections rigged, starts with Putin addressing the gathering that they have been following the US elections closely, and their US ambassador has an update. Putin then asks someone if Donald Trump has won?

Russia's U.S. Ambassador says, " Donald Trump has been behind in the votes. He claimed there was fraud but there wasn't. His lawyers even said dead people voted. They said it was a scheme from Indonesia. This was all investigated but no proof."

The man in the video then speaks about a press conference being held near a sex shop by the Trump's campaign members where they spoke about releasing a Kraken, a giant mythical sea creature.

At this point Putin appears to be asking, "You're telling me they have a kraken?" and laughs out when the ambassador replies, "No sir, we investigated and it was all lies."

Putin is seen laughing out hysterically when informed that Trump lost Georgia three times and then went to the Supreme court where his own judges laughed at him. "He is such a loser. What a loser," Putin is heard towards the end of the video.

Did Putin Really Call Trump a Loser?

According to Snopes, Putin and his team were not discussing Trump or his loss. Also, the English subtitles given in the video were not as per the actual conversations.

The video dates to October 2017 and the person described as US ambassador is actually Russian Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev. The topic of discussion was Russians exporting pork to Indonesia, which has a Muslim majority. The Straits Times reported that Putin had a laugh at his minister suggesting pork for a country where Muslims have a majority, who do not eat pork.

Even though the conversation in the video was far from the claims being made, it certainly caught the fancy of internet users. "I am not sure , but i saw a video somewhere, and it shows Russia talking about the election,and Putin is calling Trump a loser! and then laughs . he also was wondering if they ever found the Kraken," tweeted a user.

"#LOSER They're all laughing at you. Putin knows how stupid you are," wrote one as other added, "It's very sad how IRRELEVANT and IMPOTENT you are—what a BIG LOSER! And look! Putin thinks you're an IDIOT! He's about to release the golden shower video!"