Jodie Meschuk: Anti-Vaxxer Goes on Licking Spree In Super Market to 'Boost Immunity' Against COVID-19; Gets Slammed

Jodie Meschuk, a social media influencer, was slammed online after she posted a video of licking items at a supermarket to prove that COVID-19 isn't a 'big deal'. Meschuk had posted the video on her Instagram page, which was made private, after it went viral on other social media platform.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in December 2019, there have been several conspiracy theories claiming that the fatal virus was a hoax.

Jodie Meschuk
Jodie Meschuk Twitter

Who is Jodie Meschuk?

Meschuk, who is not new to controversies, describes herself as a "best selling author and speaker" on her Twitter bio. In one of her now deleted videos, she claimed to have cured autism.

The recent 24-second clip begins with a maskless Meschuk entering a supermarket along with her son. The video has the text "not law" superimposed over an image of the store's mask policy. She then goes on to lick multiple items in the store, including produce bags, freezer door in front of the White Claws and the handle of her cart. It appears that her antics were being recorded by her son.

She also added text in the video that reads, "Germs fortify your immune system," "Exposure to germs build defenses against asthma and allergies," in her video. "Be Free!" she captions the end of the video. "Love Over Fear."

Slammed on Social Media

Daily Mail reported that Meschuk, who lives in Colorado, lives a 'holistic lifestyle' and provides information about quantum medicine to her more than 17,000 followers.

A self-proclaimed anti-vaxxer, Meschuk social media posts revolve around coronavirus, vaccines, racism in America and religion. She has also authored a book, titled Autism Reimagined in which she explains how to 'reverse the diagnosis'.

Meschuk's antics drew a lot of criticism on social media. "Remember The Ryan White Story? When he couldn't go grocery shopping with his mother bc people thought he would spit on produce to spread HIV? And now we have people bragging about this shit. Adults," wrote a Twitter user.

"This is fucking disgusting. I hope you get arrested. Also, your "knowledge" of how germs and viruses work is embarrassing. I feel horrible for your kid," wrote another user.

"Why would anyone turn a blind eye on doctors murdering their 5 yr/old patients? Also next time you want to make a point about germs, put your fat ugly face into a public toilet and leave the rest of us out of your bullshit. Your licking doors and handles gets others ill," read another tweet.

"You could do all this without slobbering all over stores & products. It's nasty. Regardless of Covid. There are social constructs you know? Like in this society I do t get to beat the shit out of u because u r dumb. You don't get to spread your nasty ass germs. Got it?" said a user.

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