Is Jin Seung Ju the VILLIAN in Flex X Cop?

Is Jin Seung Ju the VILLIAN in Flex X Cop? The viewers are desperate to watch what lies ahead for Jin In Soo and Jin Seung Ju. After watching the premiere on TV on Friday (January 26), K-drama fans worldwide urged the production team not to ruin the sibling rivalry between the half-brothers.

No more half-sibling war was one of the messages received by the producers of the SBS drama Flex X Cop after airing episode 3. K-drama fans could be tired of watching the fight between step-brothers in shows. The followers of this ongoing series requested the production team to maintain the sibling relationship between Jin In Soo and Jin Seung Ju till the end of the drama.

The mini-series, starring Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun, will return with episode 4 on SBS on Saturday (February 3) at 10:00 pm KST. As of now, the show has been featuring the strong bond between the step-brothers. In Soo, who is an illegitimate son of Jin Myeong Chul - the chairman of Hansu Group, lost his mother at a young age. The only person who supported him was his older brother, Seung Ju.

Although the first wife of Myeong Chul, Cho Hee Ja, was always against In Soo, her only son, Seung Ju, helped his half-brother. The flashback scenes of Seung Ju and In Soo in episode 3 also featured the bond between the half-brothers. However, several K-drama fans believe the mini-series will portray Seung Jun as the villain in the upcoming episodes. It is mainly because the crime thriller drama began with flash-forward scenes of In Soo struggling to conclude after investigating a case.

Flex X Cop
Kwak Si Yang as Jin Seung Joo in SBS drama Flex X Cop. Twitter

Fan Fictions

"What if his brother was the one who murdered his mother? And his father knew about it and discovered it because he did not want that woman to stand in his way in the future. I am 100% sure that the brother is not as holy as he seems," fan fiction about the relationship between Seung Ju and In Soo in Flex X Cop read.

"The backstory of Jin Seung Joo and In Soo was bittersweet. At one point, I could feel Seung Joo's sincere love for his half-brother. But on the other hand, I feel like the case from #FlexxCopEp3 will be foreshadowing their relationship. I'm not ready to see it. #FlexxCop," another follower of this drama wrote.

"It's either the writer will make Seung Joo the villain or kill him. We are talking about the MY NAME writer who kills off most of the characters there. Ain't no way she will let In Soo leave happily. She can do anything but touch this half-bros please,". A tweet read.

Flex X Cop
Flex X Cop preview. Twitter

The theories captured the attention of several K-drama fans. The netizens started flooding online platforms with messages to the producers and the writers, requesting them not to ruin the relationship between the siblings. Here are a few of them:

Please, can his hyung be his comfort in this drama? No more half-sibling war. We need a sibling's joint slay.

Nooooo. I hope he doesn't end up evil.

We want bromance. we don't want betrayal. Find another villain please just look at them

If anyone does anything that breaks this sibling bond I'm coming for them.

I will BREAK A BONE with the writers if they fuck up their relationship! Can we have at least ONE brotherhood last & be cherished & protected in this bullshit chaebol existence?? But the whole "I would be dead" crap gives me bad vibes.

Surprise me by keeping this adorable sibling relationship. Fans of Silver Spoon love the sibling in the story. So, I can manage my expectations? In case they'll make him into a villain or he'll end up dead? Because my trust issues wouldn't allow me to enjoy this sibling bond.