'This is Going to be Fun' - Flex x Cop Premieres to Rave Reviews, Episode 1 Recap

Flex x Cop premiered on SBS on Friday (January 26) at 10:00 pm KST. It took the viewers through a fun ride while featuring the first encounter between Jin Yi Soo and Lee Kang Hyun. The crime thriller drama received rave reviews from K-drama fans worldwide. People from different countries, like the US, Canada, and Australia, look forward to the next episode.

The mini-series will return with a new episode on Saturday (January 27) at 10:00 pm KST. It will feature troubled moments for the male protagonist while working with Kang Hyun and her teammates. People in Korea can watch the mini-series on TV or stream it on various online streaming platforms. K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Mexico, can watch the mini-series with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Disney+.

Scriptwriter Kim Ba Da penned the script for this mini-series. Producing director Kim Jae Hong helmed the K-drama. It depicts the growth of Detective Yi Soo as an intelligent police officer with diverse physical skills. The mini-series will also feature the romantic relationship between Yi Soo and detective Kang Hyun while working together on a case.

Flex x Cop
Flex x Cop poster Twitter/SBS

Episode 1 Recap

The mini-series began by introducing Yi Soo as an immature third-generation chaebol who loves playing a cop. He unexpectedly joined the Homicide Department because of Kang Hyun. The male protagonist, who enjoyed his time with friends at the nightclub, got involved in a fight with a murderer. He saw the criminal attacking his friend and chased him. After a physical encounter with the stranger, Yi Soo defeated the criminal.

However, things took an unexpected turn after Kang Hyun reached. The detective arrested Yi Soo for attacking a civilian and put him behind bars. Although the male protagonist tried to prove his innocence, the detective did not let him. When the senior police officers were discussing the case, a report overheard about Yi Soo's arrest. The journalist used this opportunity to write an exclusive news report. It affected the political career of Yi Soo's father.

In an unexpected turn of events, Kang Hyun discovered the truth and informed the senior police officers. Yi Soo's brother, Jin Seung Joo, turned things in favor of his younger brother. He met the senior police officer and asked them to let his brother join the investigation to compensate for the damage they caused. The premiere episode featured Yi Soo as a detective towards the end.

Flex x Cop
Flex x Cop character poster. Twitter/SBS

Flex x Cop

The crime thriller drama won the hearts of millions of K-drama fans worldwide with its fun plot. After watching the first episode, the viewers flooded various online platforms, including Twitter, with rave reviews. Here are a few of them.

When a wealthy chaebol becomes an inspector and joins a police detective to catch the bad guys together, this will be fun.

Red Carpet and mascots. Brother had a grand welcome just for starting a new job.

When he used to play cop just for fun, but now the situation pushes him to play cop with real cops by his side. It is going to be fun.

It is definitely going to be an enemies-to-lovers trope again. I am already loving the tension between Yi Soo and Kang Hyun.

FlexXCopEp1 was fun! Bo Hyun's back in his element. I love his character. Ji Hyun is cool. We will be tuning in.

It is definitely entertaining. We are looking forward to this crazy ride.