Jim Carrey Slammed for Sexually Assaulting Alicia Silverstone in Resurfaced 1997 Video after Criticizing Will Smith [WATCH]

During the same awards show, Carrey was also seen trying to kiss Smith when he was revealed as the winner of the Best Kiss award at the same 1997 presentation.

Jim Carrey has come under fire after saying that Will Smith "should have been" arrested for hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars as two 1997 videos emerged in which he is seen 'sexually abusing' Alicia Silverstone, then 20, at an awards night, before 'forcibly' kissing Smith at the same event.

In the wake of the ceremony, Carrey, 60, criticized Smith for walking on stage and striking Rock after he made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's shaved head. It's unclear if Rock was aware of Pinkett Smith's alopecia diagnosis. However, after the videos resurfaced, Carrey is being branded a 'hypocrite'.

Ghost from Past

After slamming "sickening" Smith for slapping Rock onstage at the Oscars on Sunday, Carrey's earlier actions have resurfaced online. A video showing the actor accepting an award at the MTV Movie Awards in June 1997 has since been circulated on Twitter.

The resurfaced video from the awards night shows Carrey, then 35, approaching the stage to accept an award for the 'Cable Guy' from Silverstone, only for him to grab her by the head and 'forcefully' pull her into a kiss while she sought to throw him off her.

During the same awards show, Carrey was also seen trying to kiss Smith when he was revealed as the winner of the Best Kiss award at the same 1997 presentation. The two then broke away, and Alicia, now 45, took an awkward step to the side, her face shaken.

Jim Carrey kiss
Jim Carrey seen trying to kiss Will Smith (above) and the actor seen forcibly grabbing and kissing Alecia Silverstone Twitter

Carrey was seen clutching Smith by the neck and putting his tongue out towards his face as the actor sought to push him away as Smith, who was 28 at the time, prepared to make his way up on stage.

Both the resurfaced videoclips have gone viral on Twitter, with some branding Carrey a "hypocrite" for criticizing Smith's behavior despite having 'assaulted' both Smith and Silverstone during the 1997 incident.

Chris Rock and Will Smith
Stills from the video that has gone viral on social media. Twitter

The video has been shared hundreds of times on Twitter since it was released online, though it's worth noting that the majority of the tweets point to Silverstone's incorrect age.

Carrey Under Fire

While he tried to stick his tongue out and kiss Smith, the actor pushed him off while making his way to the stage to collect his trophy. Carrey has since been slammed by critics with many taking to social media to express their disgust.

"Jim Carrey says Will Smith 'should have been' arrested for hitting Chris Rock How about when Jim Carrey forcibly kissed Alicia Silverstone when he was going up on stage to accept an award?" wrote one user.

"Imagine being Jim Carrey sickened by a slap while also being the same Jim Carrey who forcefully kissed Alicia Silverstone," another user tweeted.

"It's amazing that Jim Carrey sexually assaulted Alicia Silverstone by physically forcing her to kiss him on national TV, when she was [20], and it had literally no impact on his career whatsoever,' one person wrote, while sharing images of Carrey grabbing Silverstone and Smith during the awards show. He's such a complete piece of s*** on so many levels," wrote yet another user.

Another user tweeted: "In that case, Jim Carrey should be jailed for sexually assaulting a teenage Alicia Silverstone on stage at the 1997 MTV Awards, and then also trying to sexually assault Will Smith at the same awards show."

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey Wikimedia Commons

The video surfaces after Carrey condemned Will's slap to Good Morning America journalist Gayle King. "I was sickened, I was sickened by the standing ovation," Carrey said during the virtual interview.

"I felt like Hollywood is just spineless, en mass. It really felt like a really clear indication that we're not the cool club anymore."

Following that, Gayle addressed viewers' worries about how the scenario unfolded and why security did not act. The LAPD then announced that Rock would not be filing charges, despite Jim's belief that Will should be held accountable.