Jill Biden Abusing Joe Biden? Accusations Surface After She Instructs 'Lost' Biden to Get Down From the Podium

Jill Biden was once again accused of elderly abuse involving her husband Joe Biden after she was seen guiding the US President to get down from the podium. Despite the instructions, Biden appeared to be confused.

Jill Biden
First Lady Jill Biden has been accused of elderly abuse by social media users. Twitter

Biden Appears Confused, Lost Despite the Instructions

The video clip which was uploaded on the social media barely hours after Biden was caught calling a dead congresswoman during a White House conference, shows Jill Biden standing and clapping near the podium's mike.

Holding Biden's hand she then tells the US.President, "You go down this way," while pointing a finger towards the steps. An unsure Biden appears to be confused as he looks around before following his wife down the stage.

It is not the first time when Jill was seen instructing her husband publicly. Earlier, during the White House Easter Egg Roll, Jill was heard instructing Biden to wave at the crowd.

Earlier, speaking about Jackie Walorski, the Indiana Republican who died in a car accident in early August, during the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health on Wednesday, Biden said, " I want to thank all of you here including bipartisan, elected officials like representative of government Sen. Braun, Sen. Booker, Representative Jackie, are you here? Where's Jackie? I think -- she was gonna be here -- to help make this a reality."

Social Media Lashes Out at the First Lady

Soon after the clip was uploaded, social media users were seen lashing out at the First Lady with several accusing her of elderly abuse.

"But, he did offer heartfelt condolences to her family at the time. Why is no one asking questions of Jill Biden! She is covering for him and endangering our country. She will be held accountable some day," wrote a user.

"Jill is a horrible wife for allowing her husband to humiliate himself, day after day. That is not love," read another tweet.

"She was clapping like a seal to get his attention then she had to tell him you go down this way because you're Half dead! Whoever dress is Jill Biden or suggest her dresses hates her it's obvious look at these get ups she wears," read a tweet.