Mykhailo Dianov: Ukrainian POW Released By Putin's Forces; WATCH Shocking Before And After Pics of Azov Soldier Captured By Russia

A Ukrainian prisoner of war's haunting pictures have emerged after Russia kept him captive for a few months. Mykhailo Dianov, who looked healthy before he was arrested by Putin's soldiers, looks extremely weak, after being released by Russian forces days before.

Dianov was released along with 215 prisoners by Russia in a prisoner exchange last week. He was captured four months ago while fighting against the Russian forces in the town of Mariupol.

Before and after pics of Ukrainian soldier Mykhailo Dianov captured by Russia
Before and after pics of Ukrainian soldier Mykhailo Dianov captured by Russia Twitter

Haunting Before And After Pictures of Soldier Captured By Russians

To show the shocking treatment he endured, a photo of him at the Azovstal steel plant smiling with an arm bandage and flashing a peace sign was twinned with a picture of him following his release, according to The Sun.

After being released by Russia, Dianov is badly emaciated and pale, with scars and bruises on his arm and face.

Russia frogmen
Russia frogmen Twitter

Dianov's Right Arm Remains Unhealed And Is Missing 4CM Of Bone

His right arm remains unhealed and is missing 4cm of bone, according to Ukrainian authorities. After his release, Dianov has been receiving medical treatment in Chernihiv's city hospital.

The musician is seen happy after he reunited with his family in Ukraine. Although, his family members are really unhappy with his poor health.

He was part of 2,000-strong Azov battalion who were fighting against Russians in Mariupol.

A defence reporter with the Kyiv Independent Reports encourages people to donate money to Dianov to help him with his medical treatment.

"Hey, people, do you remember this guy Mykhailo Dianov from the Azovstal? He's free from Russian captivity now, but he needs to heal his arm. Let's donate to help the soldier — his sister Olena has a PayPal account for international donations: I'm donating," said Illia Ponomarenko.

In the prisoner swap brokered by Saudi Arabia, a Ukrainian politician who has close links to Russian President Vladimir Putin has now been released. Viktor Medvedchuk has been freed by Ukraine as part of the prisoner swap deal.

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