Is Ji Sung a Hero or Villain in the Drama 'The Devil Judge'? First Stills From tvN Legal Drama Out

First stills of Ji Sung in the drama 'The Devil Judge' have been released by tvN. The drama will premiere on July 3.

One of the most awaited legal dramas The Devil Judge will premiere on July 3. tvN has released the first stills of actor Ji Sung in the drama. The Saturday-Sunday drama shows Ji Sung in two colours – a merciless man wielding a gun and an elegant gentleman with a smile. So is Ji Sung the hero or the villain in the drama?

Ji Sung of Doctor John fame plays the role of Kang Yo Han, the head trial judge of a courtroom reality show. He hands out punishments to the dishonest and guilty without any mercy. That is why he gets the name devil judge. But Kang Yo Han is not only merciless but has an air of mystery around him as he tries to hide his true identity and purpose.

JI Sung
Contrasting stills of Ji Sung from the drama 'The Devil Judge'. tvN

The Devil Judge Latest Stills

The new stills released by tvN increase the audience's curiosity as Ji Sung looks like a hero as well as poses like a villain. In the first still, Ji Sung is seen wearing a luxurious black suit accompanied by a bowtie. The champagne in his hand and the serious look makes him look like a chabeol entrepreneur, waiting for his prey.

In the second image, Ji Sung is wielding a rifle and looks like a man with vengeful eyes punishing his rival real time than through his verdict. But the third picture completely contradicts his earlier image. Here Ji Sung is wearing an embroidered black robe over a silver white top and looks elegant. The smile on his face with the grand attire makes him look like a celebrity judge.

Ji Sung
Ji Sung in the drama 'The Devil Judge.' tvN
Ji Sung
A still of Ji Sung from the drama 'The Devil Judge' tvN
Ji Sung
Ji Sung in the drama 'The Devil Judge' tvN

The drama also stars Kim Min Jung of My Fellow Citizens fame who plays the role of Jung Sun Ah, the director of a foundation with corporate social responsibility. Park Jin Young of When My Love Blooms fame plays the role of associate trial judge and Park Gyu Young of Sweet Home fame plays the role of a police detective in a regional investigation unit who is on the hunt for Kang Yo Han's secrets. Jang Young Nam, Kim Jae Kyung, Lee So Young and Lee Ki Taek have been cast to play supporting roles. Moon Woo Jin and Shin Kang Kyun will be seen in the guest roles.

The Devil Judge is directed by Choi Jung Gyu of Children of Nobody fame. Moon Yoo Seok of Ms. Hammurabi fame has written the screenplay. The 16-episode legal drama will start airing in July 3. A webtoon adaptation of the drama will also be out soon.

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