How To Get Away With Murder season 6 episode 15 (finale) spoilers and live stream details

The last episode of ABC crime thriller drama series How To Get Away With Murder is titled Stay and the series finale will reveal everything to the viewers

ABC crime thriller How To Get Away With Murder is coming to an end on Thursday, May 14, with episode 15 of season 6. The series finale is titled Stay and the official synopsis of this episode has stated that it will reveal everything to the viewers, including Annalise Keating's killer. This episode will also focus on the relationship between Frank and Bonnie.

Here is the official synopsis of Stay - Annalise discovers there is a surprise witness that threatens her case. Meanwhile, Connor tries to persuade the K3 to go along with a new plan. Elsewhere, a lie between Frank and Bonnie threatens their relationship as Annalise's killer is finally revealed on the series finale.

Will Annalise Keating win the legal battle?

Though the official synopsis hints at moments of trouble for Viola Davis' character, a few of the series' followers are optimistic about her victory. The reason for it is a fan photo of Annalise, Bonnie and Tegan doing the rounds online for a couple of days. The image shows these three characters standing on the courthouse stairs and a follower of this drama series has come out with a fan theory about it.

How To Get Away With Murder
How To Get Away With Murder is coming to an end on Thursday with episode 15 of season 6. Facebook/How To Get Away With Murder

The Twitter user Lewyn Davis speculated Annalise's victory and claimed the courthouse scene shows her addressing the media after winning the legal battle. The fan theory also suggests an unexpected plot twist in the courthouse that has been teased in the promo for this week. The promo video shows someone running through the corridor with a gun in hand and the next shot shows Annalise crying out loudly.

According to fan speculation, Oliver tries to kill Annalise or Tegan after finding out that Connor will have to spend several years in jail. "If Frank is the one who shoots Annalise or Tegan, then I do not think they would show us the guards alert inside," the Twitter user wrote.

Who killed Annalise Keating?

Show creator Pete Nowalk and lead cast members are tight-lipped about the killer of Annalise Keating. But some of the series followers, like Lawyn Davis, believe that no one can kill her and she can only die of natural causes after living her life to the fullest. A reason for it is Viola Davis' statement about a happy ending for her character in one of the interviews.

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Meanwhile, cast member Charlie Weber shared some details about the series finale during his interview with Entertainment Weekly. The actor described the last episode of How To Get Away With Murder as a tough one with a wonderful ending.

"Frank is going to do the things he feels he needs to do to protect the people that he loves and to display ultimately, the crescendo of what it is that he is. As far as the episode itself, series finales are tough, and we all know that. But this was a great script, we shot a great show, and I really think we put forward a very, very wonderful series finale," he said.

How to watch How To Get Away With Murder season 6 episode 15 (finale)?

ABC will air the last episode of this crime thriller legal drama series on Thursday, May 14, at 10 pm EST and people in the US can watch the show by tuning in to the channel on their TV at home. The series finale will also be available to watch on the official website of ABC.