Jessica Jung Reveals Her New Best Friend in B'day Video; You Will Be Shocked to See the Celebrity

Former Girls' Generation member Jessica Jung reveals who her new friend is in her YouTube channel VLOG.

KPop idol Jessica Jung is known to have a huge list of friends. Recently during her birthday celebration, Jessica revealed who her best friend was. You will surely be shocked to know the name of the celebrity Jessica has become close to. The revelation was made in her YouTube video Jessica posted on the occasion of her birthday.

Jessica, the member of popular girl group Girls' Generation, celebrated her birthday on April 18. But a day will surely not be enough to celebrate when the idol has a big list of friends. Thus it was a birthday month. Jessica posted a video of her celebrating birthday with her celebrity friends on her YouTube channel VLOG. She was seen happily unboxing the birthday gifts she received from her friends.

Jessica Jung
Girls' Generation member Jessica Jung revealed her new best friend in her YouTube video. Instagram

Who Got Jessica What!

Thus the video has five days of celebration with different celebrities. The singer has revealed her new best friend at the end of the 10.47 minute long video. To get to that point, we will have to first see who wished Jessica from day 1 to day 4. The name of Jessica's new friend will be revealed at the end!

The video starts with Jessica's younger sister, actress and f(X) member Krystal, giving Jessica a beautiful gift – a ring that perfectly fits. On day 2, Jungwon and Jihye surprise Jessica with shoes from Chanel, a ring and a chain. Jessica is more than happy and just can't her appreciate her friends enough for understanding what she really wants.

On Day 3, Jiyoung and Yoonyoung gift a cute t-shirt from sports club to Jessica. Already excited Jessica becomes speechless when she also receives a red handbag, cake and a crown. Day 4 is also a happy day as Sunwoo, Dbang, and Irene visit Jessica with bouquets and a tasty blue cake.

Mystery Solved!

Now comes the surprise, the footage of Day 5 plays from 7.32 minutes on the video. Only Jessica is seen in the video, whereas a voice is heard wishing the star happy birthday with a rose shaped cake made of white chocolate.

The video continues to show Jessica cutting and tasting the cake, while the other member is curious to know if Jessica liked it. One can see Jessica happy after tasting the cake and still viewers are wondering who this mystery friend is. Jessica is also seen flaunting the pearl necklace given by the mystery friend.

It is at this point that the mystery friend shows her cheek to the video and asks if viewers will be able to guess who she is. Jessica is heard saying probably they all can guess with the strands of her heir as the video points out to the mystery friend with the caption NiNi.

Nini is the pet name of Blackpink's Jennie. Reacting to the video, BLINKS [Blackpink fans] commented that they can recognize Jennie, no matter how she tries to hide from them. They expressed happiness over Jessica and Jennie's friendship. But how did the duo become friends?

Reports claim that Jessica befriended Jennie after sharing the same make-up and hair-saloon. The duo also learnt French and pilates from the same teachers. Here is what Jessica and Jennie's fans have to say: