Jeon Jong Seo Cast for Lead Role in Korean Remake of Netflix Series 'Money Heist'?

Jeon Jong Seo is currently gearing up for the release of her movie The Call, also starring park Shin Hye in Netflix.

Korean media outlets reported that one of the lead casts of most awaited project Korean remake of Money Heist is being finalized. Korean adaptation of the hit series Money Heist is likely to star Jeon Jong Seo in one of the lead roles. The star has been offered the role of Tokyo.

Jeon Jong Seo has not responded to the news yet. But her agency has confirmed that the actress has received the offer. It said that she is still reviewing the offer and has not given her final answer.

Jeon Jong Seo Ursula
Jeong Jong Seo [L] has been offered the role of Tokyo, played by actress Ursula Corberó [R], in Korean adaptation of Spanish drama Money Heist. Instagram

Korean Adaptation of Money Heist

The Korean adaptation of Money Heist will be produced by BH Entertainment. The series will be directed by Kim Hong Sun. Kim is known for his dramas Voice, Black, and Luca. Currently, Jeon Jong Seo is awaiting the release of her upcoming movie The Call. The movie also stars Park Shin Hye of ALIVE fame. Mystery thriller The Call is all set to be streamed in Netflix from November 27.

Previously there was also news that Yoo Ji Tae of BH Entertainment has been offered the role of Professor. However, there is no confirmation about Yoo playing the lead role in the drama yet. It looks like the Korean adaptation of the drama is not likely to be on screen in 2021.

15 Characters, 5 Seasons

The original Spanish drama had 15 major characters. The drama is about a group led by a genius Professor carrying out bank robberies. The team robs the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. To avoid getting caught each member is given the name of popular city. The members are known as Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Lisbon, Bogotá, Palermo, Marseille, and Manila. The original drama has five seasons. It is not known if Korean adaptation will also have five seasons.

They even dress alike and wear red jump suits during the operation. In addition, they wear the mask depicting Spanish artist Salvador Dali. The drama is full of action, twists, emotional bits and adventure, keeping the audience on their toes.

The role of Tokyo offered to Jeon Jong Seo is attractive but emotionally unstable. Being the first one to be scouted to the group, she also serves as the narrator. The role was played by Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó in the original drama.

In her latest movie The Call, Jeon Jong So plays the negative role. Her performance as a vicious trouble maker is being lauded by the audience after the trailer was released. This has made netizens think that the actress can do justice to the role of Tokyo.