Jeom Jeom TV: Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Returns to YouTube With New Talk Show

After a three-year gap, former AOA member Kwon Mina will return to YouTube with a new talk show. The program is titled Jeom Jeom TV, and it will be used to interact with social media users across the globe. The singer announced her return to the platform on August 30 through a live stream.

Mina will launch her new channel on August 31 at 9 pm KST, and she is planning to share some honest stories with the viewers. The singer stated that she might also introduce interactive sessions to chat with the viewers.

For nearly a month, the former AOA member was away from social media following the controversies with her ex-boyfriend. After returning to Instagram last week, she deleted all her posts and uploaded a photo of her holding a gun. It was uploaded without any caption.

Kwon Mina
Former AOA member Kwon Mina has parted ways with her agency Woori Actors. Instagram

Controversies Surrounding Kwon Mina

The actress, 27, became an actress after leaving the girl group in 2019. A year later, she came up with allegations against her former teammates. On Instagram, the singer claimed that AOA member Shin Ji Min bullied her.

Last year, Mina got embroiled in a cheating scandal after a netizen came forward claiming that her boyfriend cheated on her with the singer. Following the controversy, she has been on and off social media for some time. And a month ago, she posted an apology on Instagram and attempted to take her life.

After the incident, she was in the hospital for a week, and upon returning home, she posted her latest picture on Instagram. Two weeks ago, she shared several photos of her on the social networking site without any caption. A netizen asked her why is she back on social media, and the singer replied that there is no reason for her to stay away from the platform.