Jennifer Ynoa:Graphic Video Shows NY Woman, Dog Collapsing on Street And Dying After Being Shot Inside Shop

A Brooklyn mother of four and her one-year-old dog were fatally shot inside a smoke shop by an unidentified man. The incident took place inside Salim Smoke Shop on DeKalb Avenue around 9.45 pm on Sunday.

The victim was a identified as 36-year-old Jennifer Ynoa and one her year-old Pitbull, Blue.

Jennifer Ynoa and one her year-old Pitbull, Blue.
Jennifer Ynoa and one her year-old Pitbull, Blue. Twitter

Victim Was Not the Intended Target of the Assailant

The video of the incident, captured by the surveillance cameras, showing the final moments of the victim has surfaced the social media. The video begins with the shooter arriving in front of the Bedford-Stuyvesant bodega in a red car, parked across the street.

The video shows Ynoa entering the shop along with her dog. A man is also seen standing inside the shop, eating a bag of chips. Suddenly the lone gunman fires shots while standing in the doorway of the shop.

Seconds later, the dog is seen coming out of the shop followed by Ynoa. The victim is then seen collapsing on the sidewalk. Ynoa was pronounced dead at Brooklyn Hospital and her dog also died, according to the New York Police Department.

The New York Post reported that the police do not believe that Ynoa was the attacker's intended target, and it was possibly the man, who seen eating chips inside the shop, at whom the assailant fired shots. "They're looking at, who was the guy in the back of the store, and was he the intended victim? The lady seems to be unintended," an official told the outlet.

Victim Had called Her Boyfriend Moments Before Being Shot

Ynoa, a mother of four including two boys and two girls, was staying with her boyfriend, Carlton Busch. The couple lived in NYCHA's Lafayette Gardens complex.

Speaking to the outlet, Busch said that Ynoa used to take the dog for his late walk. "She went to the store like she normally does. She takes the dog for his late walk, and she comes back and probably sits there and reads her books and stuff, listens to music. She's a homebody," said the grieving lover adding that he was in a different building when the shooting took place.

"I got a call from her. She said, 'This is what I'm doing,'" Busch said. "I didn't think anything of it. Then I heard these shots and I didn't think anything of it. I hear these all the time. Nobody I know is getting targeted. I didn't get a call back."