Jennifer Couture: Florida 'Karen' Who Tried to Hit TikToker with Her Car, Attempted to Grab Her Phone Arrested, Charged

A Florida woman named Jennifer Couture who went viral last month after a TikTok video showed her allegedly assaulting an individual, including trying to hit her with her vehicle, outside a local Dunkin Donuts has been charged over the incident.

In a video shared on social media by popular TikTok user @thatdaneshguy, Couture was seen exiting her black Mercedes SUV and verbally attacking an unidentified individual filming her.

'You Just Assaulted Me'

Jennifer Couture
Jennifer Couture (left) in a still from the viral video and in a mugshot from the Lee County Sheriff's Office. Twitter

"You need to f-cking relax with your little attitude," Couture was heard saying before she attempted to grab the phone out of the young woman's hand.

"You just assaulted me," the alleged victim yells. Couture then mocked the woman for claiming she was assaulted before returning to her vehicle. Couture was then seen backing up her SUV in an attempt to hit the woman.

In the video, Danesh noted that Couture could be charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon after revealing that CCTV footage recorded the Florida resident trying to hit the victim with her car a second time.

Also, in the recording, Danesh added a clip of Couture seemingly admitting to the event after the TikTok user shared an Instagram direct message asking if she should contact an attorney.

Who is Jennifer Couture?

Couture was initially rumored to be working at Sola Salon Studios in Naples but the company denied claims of Couture working at the salon. According to her LinkedIn profile, Couture was associated with Bella Hair Studio.

Danesh later revealed that the Couture was associated with Garramone Plastic Surgery and works as an operations manager at the establishment. Couture deleted all of her social media profiles in the wake of the incident.

Couture Arrested, Charged with Assault, Burglary and Battery

On Monday, Feb. 21, Danesh posted an update on social media, confirming that Couture was arrested and charged with assault by the Lee County Sheriff's Office.Couture was booked on Sunday, Feb. 20, on charges including assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, burglary and battery.

She has since been released after paying up the $17,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on March 21.