Jennie's 59 selfies in 15 minutes make BLACKPINK a top trend as fans love live unboxing video

BLACKPINK's Jennie made her group trend worldwide with her first Instagram live and sharing of sizzling 59 selfies on her social media page

BLACKPINK's Jennie posted 59 of her selfies within 15 minutes on her Instagram page, instantly making her name as well as BLACKPINK trending worldwide, today. Her 59 selfies were welcomed by the fans, who flooded her Instagram page with thousands of comments.

Apart from selfies, her Instagram live was also loved by her fans. This was Jennie's first Instagram live and she received tremendous response from her fans. Her live was a hit as she did it along with the BLACKPINK members, Teddy, Soonho and BIGBANG's G-Dragon.

Jennie is trending on social media

Jennie Blackpink

Along with posting selfies, she also did an unboxing video of her glasses. The six-minute video made her trend on top searches. Along with her Teddy and Soonho also started trending on Twitter. Besides uploading 59 pictures in 15 minutes, she also held a live unboxing of her glasses on Instagram. Jennie is currently busy promoting "Jentle Home"- her collaboration with GENTLE MONSTER.

Before posting the videos, Jennie was seen in a recording studio with BLACKPINK members and BIGBANG member G-Dragon and others. In the 'Jentle Home' unboxing, she showed off the glasses of Gentle Monster brand. Jennie has collaborated with the brand for its special edition.

Jennie's journey so far

Jennie Kim, better known as Jennie debuted with girl group BLACKPINK in August 2016. She works under YG Entertainment. Jennie was residing in New Zealand and when her mother wanted to shift her to Florida when she was 14 years old with the aim of making her a lawyer or teacher, she refused to do so.

Jennie convinced her mother to send her back to South Korea as she was interested in music. Back in South Korea, Jennie attended an audition conducted by YG Entertainment and also performed Rihanna's "Take a Bow". Soon after, she started working as a trainee under YG Entertainment that encouraged her to be a rapper as she was the only trainee who could speak fluently in English.

She was the first member to be announced as the YG Entertainment girl group's (BLACKPINK) debut artiste. Square One was her first album to be released.

Watch the unboxing video here:

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