Jared Ravizza: Massachusetts Stabbing Suspect Changed Name to Jared Love Jones Before Attack as Photos Show Him in Lip Gloss, Nail Polish

Ravizza also requested that the name change not be publicly disclosed, citing it as "a deeply personal journey for me," in documents dated April 8.

The Massachusetts man accused of stabbing six people, including three children, and suspected of killing another, seems to have been in the process of changing their identity. Jared Ravizza, 26, traded shirtless selfies flaunting a toned physique as recently as September 2023 for photos wearing lip gloss, face glitter, and sporting painted pink nails.

Ravizza also refers to themselves as "she" on Instagram, and court documents obtained by The New York Post indicate that paperwork was filed for a legal name change from Jared Christian Ravizza Jones to Jared Love Jones just last month. Ravizza also claimed to be a model, and the head of Ravizza Group, His marketing company.

Changing Identities

Jared Ravizza
Jared Ravizza Instagram

Last month, Ravizza successfully petitioned the local court in Dukes County to change his name from Jared Christian Ravizza Jones to Jared Love Jones. In the application, Ravizza wrote the reason as: "Honoring my beloved grandmother Priscilla Jones," and "honoring the creative brilliance and magical beauty of my entire Jones family lineage," on their maternal side.

Ravizza also requested that the name change not be publicly disclosed, citing it as "a deeply personal journey for me," in documents dated April 8. The request was approved and signed by a judge the following day.

Jared Ravizza
Jared Ravizza Instagram

Ravizza is under investigation for a murder in Connecticut after police found a body in the small town of Deep River around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, according to Boston 25 news.

The victim's identity has not been revealed.

Ravizza is accused of laughing as he stabbed four young girls aged between 9 and 17 while they were watching the movie "IF" at a theater outside Boston, according to police. He then allegedly attacked two other people at a McDonald's.

All of his stabbing victims were treated at local hospitals and did not have life-threatening injuries.

The alleged attacker's Instagram page features numerous images and videos where they are seen wearing oversized sunglasses, posing in a fashion reminiscent of a model, and displaying artwork.

Jared Ravizza
Jared Ravizza Instagram

In some of the photos, Ravizza is pictured with a black Porsche, which seems to be the same vehicle involved in a police chase following the weekend stabbing spree.

One video posted just two weeks ago shows Ravizza walking up to the car and casting a disturbing glance back at the camera.

Strange Mindset

On April 5, Ravizza posted a series of pictures featuring artwork, a smoking pipe, and a dollar bill. Five days later, Ravizza posted a photo on their Instagram page, pointing to a hand-drawn picture of their new name surrounded by pink hearts.

Jared Ravizza
Jared Ravizza Instagram

The Plymouth County District Attorney said Sunday that Ravizza is facing charges of assault with intent to murder and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon following the attack on the girls at Braintree AMC and another attack on two employees at a Plymouth McDonald's an hour away. Ravizza has not yet entered a plea.

"Without saying anything and without any warning, he suddenly attacked and stabbed the four young females," Braintree Police Department said.

"The attack appeared to be unprovoked. After the attack, the man ran out of the theater and left in a vehicle."

An AMC employee working at the concessions during the initial stabbings described the man as wearing "an oversized trench coat, sunglasses, and a long blonde wig," according to CBS Boston.

According to local media reports and Ravizza's Instagram page, their long blond hair is real, not a wig as initially reported by police.

Ravizza then fled in a Porsche SUV and drove 30 miles to Plymouth, Massachusetts, where he allegedly stabbed two employees at a rest-stop McDonald's on Route 3, according to authorities.

The DA's office reported that surveillance video shows Ravizza reaching through the fast food chain's drive-thru window and stabbing a 28-year-old male employee with a large knife.

Jared Ravizza
Jared Ravizza X

Officials say Ravizza then parked his black Porsche, went inside the McDonald's, and stabbed a second employee, a 21-year-old woman. Both victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals.

Ravizza then allegedly fled the plaza and eventually crashed the car in a fiery accident on Cotuit Road in Sandwich.

Police said Ravizza was taken into custody shortly afterward and is being treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect is scheduled to be arraigned in Plymouth District Court on Tuesday.