Former Momoland Member Yeonwoo Explains her Relationship with Lee Min Ho

Former Momoland member Yeowoo has explained her relationship with Lee Min Ho through an official statement released by her agency, MLD Entertainment, on Tuesday. The singer and actress, 25, stated that The Legend of the Blue Sea actor is her colleague and they are not dating each other.

Initially, the singer's agency could reach out to her for her response about the dating rumors with the Hallyu star. So, the agency released a statement revealing that she is in the middle of filming a K-drama, and it was not able to contact her.

On August 31, MLD Entertainment stated that Yeonwoo officially denied dating rumors with Min Ho and released a statement explaining the relationship between the two actors. According to her, they are close colleagues and are not involved in a romantic relationship.

"After checking with Yeonwoo, we have confirmed that they are just close colleagues," the agency stated.

Former Momoland member Yeonwoo has officially denied dating rumors with Lee Min Ho. Instagram

Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo Dating Rumours

Speculations about a romantic relationship started doing the rounds after K-media outlet Dispatch released several photos of the two actors together, claiming that they are in a romantic relationship for five months.

Responding to the dating rumors Min Ho released a statement on Monday through his agency. The actor denied the claims that he is in a romantic relationship with the former Momoland member. In his statement, he said they are just acquaintances and are not dating each other.

Regarding the photos of the two actors going on a movie date, Min Ho's agency, MYM Entertainment, stated that they were not alone at that time. Min Ho and Yeonwoo were with their friends, though the pictures may not seem like that.

"They did not go to the movies with just two of them. There were other friends as well. The pictures seem like it. The photos were of them hanging out together with other acquaintances," the agency stated.

A representative from the agency stated that Min Ho and Yeonwoo's houses are five minutes away from each other and they share a similar interests in movies and gaming. That's why they spent most of the time together and not because they are dating eachother.