Ivana Trump Death Ruled Accident: Ex-Wife of Former President Donald Trump Died from Falling Down Stairs

The tumble caused "blunt impact injuries to her chest," a Friday autopsy revealed, according to the New York Post.

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Ivana Trump's death has been ruled an accident after she accidentally fell down the stairs of her Manhattan home on Thursday, a medical examiner has ruled. Ivana Trump, the wife of former President Donald Trump died from the injuries she sustained as a result of the fall, the New York City Medical Examiner's Office confirmed.

The tumble caused "blunt impact injuries to her chest," a Friday autopsy revealed, according to the New York Post. The former president announced that Ivana Trump died aged 73 a day earlier at her Manhattan home but didn't include any details about the cause or manner of her death.

Accidental Death

Ivana Trump with Donald Trump
Ivana Trump with Donald Trump during their younger days Twitter

On Thursday morning, a personal assistant and a cleaning lady came to Ivana Trump's Upper East Side house. They rang the doorbell and contacted her phone to get entry, but no one picked up, according to sources, who spoke to the New York Post.

The outlet reported that the door was double-locked from the inside when the pair called the building's super. He too was unable to open it, sources claimed. Finally, a maintenance worker was called to the situation, who opened the door and discovered Ivanka Trump on the steps with her coffee cup dumped next to her, according to reports.

Ivana Trump
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On Friday, the New York City Medical Examiner's Office determined that she died from blunt impact injuries as a result of a fall, according to TMZ. Her death was officially ruled an "accident'' by the ME's office.

A close source revealed to the outlet on Friday that the socialite entrepreneur had been having hip discomfort and was having so much trouble walking that she was unable to even leave her home for a brief trip to the Hamptons.

Other friends and neighbors noted that she occasionally required a personal health attendant to help her navigate her neighborhood since she was so shaky on her feet.

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Ivana Trump's death was first confirmed by Donald Trump, who wrote on Truth Social, "I am very saddened to inform all of those that loved her, of which there are many, that Ivana Trump has passed away at her home in New York City."

Star in Her Own Right

According to US health experts, falls are the top cause of injury-related death for adults 65 and older. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accidental falls cause 64 out of 100,000 older persons to pass away.

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Ivana Trump was born in Zlin, which is in the Czech Republic today, in 1949. Before getting married to Donald Trump in 1977, when he was a real estate billionaire, she was a skier, ski instructor, and model.

Throughout the 1980s, she worked alongside Trump to manage casinos and hotels as she assisted him in becoming a Manhattan and international socialite. She was also the mother of his three children, Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Jr.

The pair divorced in 1992, with Donald Trump's infidelity precipitating their split. He then married and later divorced Marla Maples, with whom he had a daughter named Tiffany. He is currently married to Melania Knauss Trump, his third wife and the mother of his son Barron. She served as the first lady from 2017 to 2021.

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Ivana Trump was married to Alfred Winklmayr, an Austrian ski instructor, before she married Donald Trump. She married this friend so she could obtain an Austrian passport, which allowed her to leave her communist home country and travel to Canada.

She divorced Winklmayr soon after receiving an Austrian passport, and while working as a ski instructor in Montreal, she later fell in love with the proprietor of a ski shop. However, Ivana moved to Manhattan to pursue her career as a model after only a few years of residing in Canada.

She initially met Donald Trump during an event she attended with a group of fellow models, and it was here that they first became acquainted. They later married in 1977.

Ivana married Donald Trump in a discreet ceremony in New York City's Marble Collegiate Church. The couple later had three children together: Donald Jr. was born in 1977, Ivanka in 1981, and Eric in 1984.