Trump Grabbed Limo Steering Wheel to Join Supporters Marching to the Capitol on January 6: Cassidy Hutchinson

In yet another revelation about Donald Trump's January 6, 2021 fiasco, a former aide at the White House, Cassidy Hutchinson, has testified that he tried to grab the steering wheel of the limo in an attempt to join his supporters moving towards the US Capitol.

The news has created nonstop buzz on social media as Trump's detractors have shared jokes, memes and sarcastic statements hinting at his 'Don Quixote' moves.

Desperate to grab the office of the US President by hook or by crook, Trump got into an altercation with the secret service agents as they stopped him from joining his supporters storming the capitol, added his critics.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Supporters Call Hutchinson's Story "Far Fetched"

Hutchinson while giving a detailed account of Trump's behavior quoted his words. "I'm the effing president, take me up to the Capitol now," stated Trump.

A report published by Reuters specified that Hutchinson accused Trump of impulsive attempts to join the protesters at the seat of government, where lawmakers were meeting to certify Democrat Joe Biden's victory over the Republican Trump in the 2020 election. Hutchinson also stated that Trump also tried to grab the secret services official by his neck. Secret service agents were trying to stop him from joining the mob because of the safety issues.

However, a faction of social media followers have dubbed Hutchinson's account as a "made up story" adding that it is not possible to reach the steering wheel of a limo sitting at the back seat.

A Twitter user expressed his reaction stating, "Dear fake fanny - you told the transgender wittiness to say Donald trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the Limo. FOR 50 YEARS DONALD TRUMP HAS BEEN RIDING IN THE BACKSEAT. THE PRESIDENT IS NOT ALLOWED TO SIT IN THE FRONT SEAT."

Another user wrote, "Donald Trump grabbed the limo steering wheel, threw ketchup on the driver and yelled This IS MAGA Country! I am pretty sure he was holding a noose.." Cassidy 'Smollett' Hutchinson #jan6Committee."

"So let me get this straight... A 74 year old Donald Trump lunged from the back seat of *THIS LIMO* to the front seat, through the armored glass, and grabbed the steering wheel from the Secret Service? Is that what we're supposed to believe?" read a tweet.