HORRIFYING: Another Tourist Killed in Horrific Shark Attack in Egypt, Meters Away from Where Austrian Tourist Was Killed [GRAPHIC]

The Romanian tourist's death is believed to have occurred almost around the same time the first woman from Kramsach, Tyrol, was walking in shallow water using a snorkel and fins not far from the beach near Hurghada.

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A second tourist was killed in a horrific shark attack in an Egyptian resort just meters away from where an Austrian woman was killed on Saturday. The latest victim reportedly is a Romanian woman who was killed in a shark attack off the coast of popular tourist hotspot Sahl Hasheesh in Egypt.

Egyptian authorities said that they pulled out another body of a female tourist from the Red Sea on Sunday just 650 meters away from where the Austrian female tourist was killed after a shark tore apart her hand and leg. Her deceased body was allegedly taken from the water after being discovered on a reef, according to witnesses.

Ripped Apart

Shark attack
The woman seen trying to swim back to the shore after the shark tore apart one of her legs and arms Twitter

The latest victim, according to reports is a Romanian woman in her 40s, who was staying at the adult adult-only Premiere Le Reve five-star hotel. Authorities her lifeless body was floating and she died of a similar deadly shark attack.

The Romanian tourist's death is believed to have occurred almost around the same time the first woman from Kramsach, Tyrol, was walking in shallow water using a snorkel and fins not far from the beach near Hurghada when she said to her partner, "I'll go back in for a second."

The woman was snorkeling when the shark attacked her ripping apart one of her legs and hands, while over a hundred tourists watched the horrifying incident in shock from the jetty.

It is still unclear how the shark attacked the second woman but local authorities claim she too had gone for a swim and was near the land when the shark may have attacked her.

Major General Amr Hanafi, the governor of the Red Sea Governorate, has issued a dramatic order asking that all activity in the vicinity of the attacks cease right away.

Shark attack
The woman is seen struggling with blood spilled on the water Twitter

As fear spreads throughout the well-liked resort, officials from the Egyptian Ministry of Environment have also formed a committee to investigate whether there is any scientific reason behind the two recent attacks.

The resort where the shark attacks happened is well-liked by Russian visitors and is still accessible to them despite the conflict in Ukraine, unlike several other European locations.

On High Alert

Shark attack onlookers
Other tourists watched in shock as the shark bit off her arm and leg and she struggled to make it back to the land Twitter

The first attack had already created panic among tourists and the second incident has now raised doubts about tourist safety in the Red Sea area in Egypt. Before being mauled by the shark in the first incident, the victim told her companion she would just "back in for a moment."

Many terrified tourists witnessed the shark attack the woman, who was snorkeling and wearing flippers at the time.

A video posted on social media captured the chilling moment the woman yelled in pain after the shark tore apart one of her hands and legs and she struggled to swim back to the land as frightened onlookers watched the sea turns red with blood.

Shark attack onlookers
Other tourists watched but no one dived in to help the woman Twitter

"F***, she's covered in blood. Holy s***. Where's the rescue team? For f****'s sake," one person is heard saying in the video.

"Life guards? Where are the life guards? She's going to f***ing die!"

An Egyptian health official said that the 68-year-old woman, who had lost both a leg and an arm, passed away immediately after being brought to the exclusive Nile Hospital in Hurghada.

Shark Twitter

"She was barely alive when she was taken in on Friday," the official said, adding that attempts by medical staff to resuscitate her failed.

The official spoke only under the condition of anonymity, due to his lack of authorization to speak to reporters.

The Red Sea province closed the area for three days, banning all 'sea activities' including diving, snorkeling, wind surfing and kite sailing. Additionally, fishing boats were also banned from the waters off Hurghada.