Is ITZY's Yeji Dating SF9's Youngbin?

Kim Ji Min had and Yubin recently made an interesting comment about the secret love stories of idols. They revealed usual tricks used by them to stay connected without getting noticed by anyone. It does not come as a surprise as the agencies are strict when dealing with dating issues of their talents. So, it is common for the idols to maintain secrecy over their relationships.

Is ITZY's Yeji Dating SF9's Youngbin?
Is ITZY's Yeji Dating SF9's Youngbin? Instagram

Many entertainment agencies in Korea prohibit idols from dating and if they violate this rule it will have an adverse impact on the individuals as well as the groups. In spite of all the strict rules in place, idols fall in love and those affairs make it to headlines, at times, some false speculations too as well and there is one such story that is doing rounds these days.

ITZY's Yeji Dating SF9's Youngbin
A photo circulating on social media has sparked off rumours of ITZY's Yeji and SF9's Youngbin. Actually, a picture of a boy and girl in the airport triggered the dating speculations. The photo had strong resemblances to Youngbin.

The girl, who has sported a mask, had red hair, and from one angle the girl has similarities with Yeji. This snap has become a hot topic of debate and many fans believe that it is not Yeji, but it is Chaeryeong in the viral snap.

Nonetheless, there are some reports which have denied the link between the couple and stated that Youngbin is still single. However, neither ITZY's JYP Entertainment nor Youngbin's FNC Entertainment has given a clarification about the rumours.

Young Bin is a lead rapper and the leader of SF9. Whereas Yeji is a rapper and the leader of ITZY.