It's Okay To Not Be Okay Actress Seo Ye Jin Faces Criticism Online Over Conflict with Neighbors

South Korean actress Seo Ye Jin is reportedly facing criticisms online because of several conflicts with the neighbors of her parents. She is known for her appearance in the tvN drama, It's Okay to Not Be Okay. An anonymous social media user who claimed to be the actress' neighbor wrote a lengthy post earlier this week. The person detailed a few incidents between Ye Jin and her neighbor. The actress' agency, Gold Medalist, addressed the issue Thursday.

The netizen claimed that Ye Jin's parents placed dog gates around a stairwell, which was used by the other residents of the villa. It made things difficult for other residents since they could not use it. When the neighbors started complaining about it, the actress' father pushed people threateningly.

The social media user also wrote about an incident that involved the actress. The netizen claimed that Ye Jin visited her parents thrice weekly. She parked her vehicle according to her convenience. The actress never considered other residents in the villa. It continued for four years.

Seo Ye Jin
South Korean actress Seo Ye Jin. Instagram

When the netizen met the actress in person, the accuser asked the actress if she was Ye Jin and the actress said no. Later, she brought a lawyer with her and listened to all the conflicts. The lawyer then apologized for everything. But the actress did not seem to be sorry for everything. She said her parents would be moving out of the villa soon. The netizen then said the actress asked her if she would write anything about it online.

Here is the Complete Post:

Seo Ye Jin
South Korean actress Seo Ye Jin. Instagram

The actress' agency, Gold Medalist, addressed the criticism recently and confirmed that some of the issues shared by the netizen were true. The firm also stated that Ye Jin's family apologized to the neighbors before moving out.

"The issue arose due to misunderstandings. Seo Ye Ji's family apologized to all of the neighbors involved once they found out there were complaints. Some time afterward, Seo Ye Ji's family relocated. Whether or not someone's apology seems genuine or not is up to interpretation. The matter has already been resolved", the representative of the actress stated.

Ye Jin is currently preparing for her comeback to the small screens after a year-long hiatus with the tvN drama Eve. When the actress was spotted at the script reading of this mini-series last month, several netizens raised their opinions against her. Several K-drama fans were disappointed with the casting of Ye Jin because of her involvement in the controversy related to her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun.

Seo Ye Jin
South Korean actress Seo Ye Jin. Instagram

Following the online criticisms, the actress formally apologized through an Instagram post. She wrote about the various problems caused due to her immature behavior. The actress also promised that she will show her mature self in the future.

The Apology Letter is as Below:

The production team of Eve also shared the reason for casting Ye Jin in the mini-series. According to the team, solid acting skills and immersion are needed for the character. Ye Jin has proved her energy through strong images. She analyzed the script well from the first meeting itself. It makes her the perfect person to portray the character onscreen.

"We thought solid acting skills and immersion were important due to the character's characteristics. Seo Ye Jin is an actor with energy that can immerse herself in strong images and characters. From the first meeting, she analyzed the script more thoroughly than anyone else. She expressed all kinds of affection, showing a high understanding of the character and extraordinary passion for the work, which was the main reason for confirming the casting", the production team shared.

In the tvN drama, Ye Jin plays a woman with a shocking past named Lee Rael. The character witnessed the shocking murder of her father, and she plotted the perfect revenge for 13 years. The mini-series is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2022. It stars Lee Sang Yeob, Park Byung Eun, and Yoo Sun in lead roles.