It's Confirmed! Hyunjin to Return to Stray Kids Activities in July: Here's All you Need to Know

Hyunjin will be returning to Stray Kids activities after a hiatus of four months. He had halted activities following bullying allegations.

JYP Entertainment has at last answered the requests of Stray Kids fans. After a long wait, and desperate demands from fans, Hyunjin will at last be back as a Stray Kids member. The news was revealed by the KPop group with the release of their mixtape single OH, on June 26.

After dillydallying and asking fans to wait for a proper answer, JYP Entertainment has now officially confirmed that Hyunjin will return to Stray Kids activities in July. On the midnight of June 26, Stray Kids released OH, which featured all eight members, including Hyunjin. It can thus be said that the actor's four-month hiatus has come to an end.

Stray Kids Hyunjin
Stray Kids member Hyunjin is back after a hiatus of four months. Instagram

Hyunjin Back on Schedule

Announcing the news JYP Entertainment stated: "During his break from activities, Hyunjin has reflected on himself while donating and participating in volunteer work. Starting from July, Hyunjin will be rejoining Stray Kids' scheduled activities, and he plans to show an even more upstanding attitude and mature mindset during his promotions."

Hyunjin had to halt all activities in February after his name emerged in a bullying case. One of his middle school classmates had posted that he was bullied by Hyunjin in their school days by verbally abusing him. Hyunjin recognized the classmate, met him and tendered an apology to him in person. JYP had stated that the former classmates had resolved their misunderstandings. The agency also had said that both were cheering on each other's futures.

It can be noted that Stray Kids which took part in the Mnet music competition Kingdom: Legendary War, without Hyunjin, had won the title. Stray Kids fans were elated on the victory of their favorite KPop stars, but demanded that Hyunjin be brought back to the team. There were comments: "Hyunjin this award belongs to you too." They were seen giving a shout out to Hyunjin along with other Stray Kids members.

Fans had even started a Twitter campaign demanding Hyunjin's return. Netizens had started trending #BringBackHyunJin and #WhereIsHyunjin. Recently, JYP Entertainment had released a statement in this regard and stated: "Once various matters have been confirmed, we will organize everything and let you know."

Planning to surprise fans on Hyunjin's return, the date of release of the mixtape was kept a secret. The agency had stated "We are preparing for a release and we will tell you the exact date once everything is confirmed."