Itaewon Class behind-the-scenes: Park Seo Joon gets distracted with Kwon Nara, Kim Da Mi on set [VIDEO]

Itaewon Class recorded 12.289% viewership on February 22, Park Seo Joon starrer drama is catching up on Crash Landing On You and here is an interesting making video

Iteawon Class has recorded high ratings after February 21 show. According to AGB Nielson Park, Seo Joon starrer series scored 12.289 percent veiled viewership nationwide and 13.215 percent viewership in Seoul. Apart from ratings, here is another interesting thing about Itaewon Class and especially Park Seo Joon that was revealed in the behind the scenes video of the JTBC series.

The videos show making of two scenes – when Kwon Nara tries to kiss Park Seo Joon and when Ahn Bo Hyun encounters the protagonist in the lift. In the video, one can see Park Seo Joon (Park Sae Ro-yi) Kwon Nara (Soo-ah) and Kim Da Mi (Ji Yi-Seo) practising the kiss scene. Park So Joon seems to be lost when Kwon Nara tells she is annoyed by him. After Kim Da Mi and Kwon Nara practice the stopping of the kiss scene, Park Seo Joon immediately changes from serious to a funny.

Park Seo Joon and Ahn Bo Hyun were seen sharing a laugh

Itaewon Class
A scene from Itaewon Class YouTube JTBC

He starts roaming around the set and holds a camera and tries to shoot. Finding the camera hard to handle he says, "Oh, its heavy" and the camera starts shaking. The responsible cameraman who was following Park So Joon lifted the camera in time and prevented a huge loss.

In another scene, Park Seo Joon and his arch-rival in the drama Ahn Bo Hyun encountered each other but instead of throwing punches, both are seen grinning and laughing at each other. But one suggestion made Ahn Bo Hyun flip as he is asked to toughen Seo Joon during the intense scene inside the elevator. Ahm Bo Hyun refused to do so as he is scared by Park Seo Joon as a character (Sae Ro Yi) might end up slapping him. "I am tired of being slapped (by father). I don't want to be slapped by Seo Joon," he says.

Seo Joon to agreed and tells Bo Hyun that he will keep his fists in the pocket. Seo Joon seemed like a happy go lucky person in behind the scenes video. He gets distracted easily and jumps from acting to try out what the crew is doing, getting along well with the entire crew. Will JTBC's Itaewon Class surpass ratings of recently concluded tvN's Crash Landing On You?

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