A screen grab from the video

After a series of UFO sightings, a new footage of a mysterious object has taken over the internet leaving many people baffled. It seems that after Germany, Ukraine, US, and India, it's time for Nepal to witness some of these mysterious 'UFO-like objects' up in the sky.

The strange video, which has reportedly been shot in Nepal, was posted on Facebook by SpeedShed: The Car Bible. But, a few are claiming that the incident may have been filmed above Yakutia, in Russia.

The clip shows a diamond-shaped 'UFO' swallowing another unidentified flying object full of lights in the night sky. The object seems to be hanging up in the sky from the square box that vanishes after a few seconds.

As soon as the video was posted on social media, people started commenting and some of them even claimed that they found the UFO sighting authentic. "Its like watching an alien airshow," one of the users commented.

However, a number of people disagreed and referred to the video as "fake". One of the users, who goes by the name Hayden Kelly, said: It should say "Nepal discovers Photoshop".

Meanwhile, a version of the same video was found doing the rounds on social media, where it was said that the event had been filmed in southern Colorado. Snopes.com found earlier versions of the video and claims that the footage had been recorded in Mexico.