UFO flashes through sky above Heathrow Airport [VIDEO]

The UFO footage was shot at the Heathrow Airport moments before a passenger aircraft was about to land.

A screen grab of the video

A new video that has captured a bright mysterious object flashing across the London sky has become the recent topic of the UFO hunters. The footage was shot at the Heathrow Airport moments before a passenger aircraft was about to land.

The video was shared on social media by Airlive, an aviation website. "Look at that amazing shooting star our cam just caught in the sky of Heathrow Airport!", the website captioned the video.

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As soon as the extraordinary footage was posted, people started sharing the video extensively on Facebook and Twitter. However, many of them disagreed with the caption provided by Airlive. Paul Mottershead, a Twitter user commented: "That was no shooting star. More like a large meteorite." While another user described the video as 'awesome' and 'superb".

Although it is still not known whether the mysterious object is space debris, a meteor, or a UFO, it has created a new frenzy among the social media users.

Clemens Rumpf, a visiting fellow of the University of Southampton who specialises in studying space debris, told Daily Mail: "My hunch is that this was a large meteor about one metre in diameter. These events occur harmlessly multiple times a year but can be spectacular when caught on camera."

Many people claim that the mysterious object could be a piece of space debris falling to Earth. According to reports, NASA has tracked more than 500,000 large pieces of man-made debris, or 'space junk', and up to 150 million smaller untraceable objects are believed to be in orbit around the Earth.

Thus, the experts are still considering the second option. Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists have recently said that they believe the astronauts are hiding some information after footage, taken by from Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, from the international space station showed a fiery object racing towards the Earth's atmosphere.

Daily Mail reported: "The ISS crew member has said he believes that the object could be space debris." But, the space agency as well as the alien enthusiasts have not accepted the given explanation.